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07/24/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website at! The site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and new features that make it really easy to get the information you need. Below are some highlights found within the new site, but we encourage you to browse around and see it all!

See How Much Fun Your Camp O Camper is Having. On the bottom right corner of the homepage there is quick access link to the very important Parent Login button (to access all of our camp enrollment forms) and the Photo Gallery button (to take you to the Media page where you will find the familiar Bunk1 link to the day’s photos, bunk mail and Tommy’s daily blog posts).

Learn All About Camp Olympia . Take a peek at the Camp Olympia Experience section, Programs & Activities section, Special Events section, Photos & Videos page and Parent Info section to gather everything you every wanted to know about Camp Olympia. You can also Request Information, Schedule a Tour of Camp Olympia, and explore camp through an Interactive Map found on the homepage. And, if you want to share information about Camp Olympia with a friend, we make that easy too – just go to any web page and click on the Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Email link in the bottom right corner.

Register and Pay Online for Camp Olympia Special Events. Did you know that the fun at Camp Olympia continues after summer? There are many special events planned throughout the year for you and your family to enjoy, like the popular Family Camp Weekend and Mother/Daughter Weekend. This section includes details and a link to register for all of the parties and events that we host throughout the year. We hope you will join us at one or more of our events – we are sure that you will have a great time!

Connect with Camp Olympia All Year Long with Our New Online Camp Community. Get connected with Camp Olympia! The Camp Community is your online meeting place to stay connected with what is going on at Camp Olympia. Get up-to-date news and information about upcoming camp events through the Camp’s Blog, Events Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and the Camp O YouTube Channel. Visit this page regularly so you will be on top of the latest happenings. We also want to hear from you, so join the conversation!

Stay In Touch with Camp Olympia Alumni. Camp Olympia has three generations of campers and counselors! Life-long friendships have been made over the past 45 summers that have helped to create a ton of O-mazing memories! Stay in touch with Camp Olympia through the Alumni page, which will provide you with all of the latest Camp O Alumni news and events and an opportunity to remember the best summers of your life!

Apply to Become a Camp Olympia Counselor at the Counselor Corner. Looking for the best summer job and a rewarding summer experience? Camp Olympia is it! Learn about staff requirements, the hiring process, and required training school, plus online access to the application and reference forms.

While you are visiting the site, feel free to Contact Us or join in the conversation at any of our social media channels on the Camp Community page – we love to hear from our current and future families!



07/23/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

A ton of O-mazing new items have been added to the Camp Olympia Online Country Store. As many returning campers know, these items go fast. So, hurry up click here to visit the online store now and order your favorite Camp O gear. No lines, no waiting. Shop now!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the new items but be sure to take a look at the entire store to see all of the cool new items!

Camp Olympia Cooling Towels

Extreme Cooling Towel

This may be the greatest thing invented to keep you cool this summer! Simply wet the towel and use it to keep cool - it's O-MAZING! Available in blue and pink, and the Camp Olympia logo is embossed onto the material.

Camp Olympia Pillowcases

Super Soft Pillowcases

These pillowcases are super soft! Camp Olympia is embroidered on each, and they come in 3 colors: brown, black and royal.
Camp Olympia Shorts

Lime Green Athletic Shorts

These cute Lime green athletic shorts have a daisy design on the sides and come with the Camp Olympia logo embroidered on it.

Camp Olympia Hats

Mute Flat – Bill Hat

This O-mazing new hat comes in 5 different color choices! It's short, flat bill is sweet!
Camp Olympia Gameface

Game Face Tattoo

Show your Spartan/Athenian pride with these full face tattoos. These tattoos come in a striped design and tiger design in both red and blue.

Camp Olympia TShirts

Neon Vintage Tee

Neon is HOT for summer! These neon shirts are going fast and are perfect for the Neon Nights Dance! The shirt comes in pink, orange, yellow and green in youth and adult sizes!

New items are always coming in - be sure to check back often so that you can get the latest gear before it sells out!

07/18/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

Camp Olympia Summer Camp

At a national camp conference that I attended a while back, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Michael Thompson, Ph. D. Michael has written several books, one of which is called Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Community, Friendship, Social Power and Bullying in Childhood and Adolescence. In his book, Michael explains that there are two different things going on in the lives of children every moment: friendship and popularity. Do you know the number one reason children go to school? Friendships! Children understand friendship at an early age and define it as: loyalty, caring, trust, a bond of “love”, shared interests, fun, and “someone who likes the inside of you and doesn’t care about the outside.” These are powerful, observant statements from school age children.

Michael goes on to explain in his book that the typical elementary school classroom breaks down as follows:

  • Very popular (15%)
  • Accepted (45%)
  • Average or Unclassifiable (20%)
  • Neglected or Overlooked (5%)
  • Controversial (5%)
  • Rejected (10%) (rejected aggressive & rejected submissive)

This means that 80% of children (Very popular, Accepted and Average or Unclassifiable) are “friend-eligible” and will experience normal social pain, but they are not usually at risk of not having friendships. But, this also means that 20% of children struggle to find friendships!

If your child has friends or is popular, help him/her to be a model of friendship and to possess those characteristics by which children define as a true friend. Moral leadership is so critical for school-age children (as well as parents) and popular children have a greater opportunity to set a good example of how to include others and be kind to others. What a great age to learn to bridge gaps to others!

As for the 20% at risk of not having friendships, it is critical for these children to know their uniqueness... the qualities that God gives each of us to make us special. Parents can help identify, build on and encourage this God-given uniqueness.

Camp is a place where children often find what is unique or special within them. They also see and appreciate what is special in others. Campers learn how to cooperate with and respect others, improve social skills and effective communication, discover more about moral values and their self-worth from their camp experience. Camp Olympia is the place for long-lasting friendships that follow the rules of kindness and inclusion.

We are so grateful for the time spent with your children this summer and look forward to seeing those that will be arriving for Term 4! God Bless!

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