Themed Dances and Days

Camp Olympia Let's Go!

Each year here at Camp Olympia, we use our campers and counselors input from prior summers to come up with new dance themes and theme days.  This year’s themes are sure to be a blast, and we are excited to tell you all about them!  We encourage dressing up for any and all theme events.  Costumes make great photos!  So everyone, get creative!

Back to the 90’s (Terms 1, 2/2B, 3, and 4)
Throwing it back a bit to a day where neon colors were the go-to, backwards hats were socially acceptable, and it was cool to wear your overalls everywhere.  Get ready to jam out to some awesome 90’s music that you won’t want to miss!

Derby Days (Terms 1, 2, 3, 4, SPARK 1, & SPARK 2)
And they’re off at the Olympia Derby! Coming from around the turn, Merit in the lead, but Cody is closing in on the gap and Michelle is right behind him. Who’s going to win and take it all this year?  Put on those dresses and ties and don’t forget your big, crazy hats for this amazing time at the Derby!

Dino Dance (Terms 2/2B & 3)
Who is your favorite dinosaur? Barney, Dorothy from The Wiggles, Dino from The Flintstones, , Rex from Toy Story, or any of them from Jurassic Park.  Take your pick! There are lots of options. Dress up as your favorite Dino or maybe even as a caveman/woman and get ready for a “bon-a-fide” ride!

Rodeo (Terms 1, 2/2B, 3, & 4)
Missing Rodeo season yet?  Well we sure are here at Olympia and are excited for the classic camp dance out in the horse pasture with our denim and cowboy boots.  The “Hoedown Throw Down” will be going on at our rodeo town and all will be dressed in their cowboy hats.  Yee-haw!

Mathletes vs. Athletes MONDAY
Are you more into books and wearing glasses with tape around the middle like Harry Potter or do you watch ESPN regularly and watch your favorite team every chance you get.  It doesn’t matter – be who you want at Olympia on Mondays, switch it up, or don’t.  Dress in the nerdiest outfit you can find (check out “Urkel” for some tips) or wear your favorite team’s jersey. Everyone is welcome!

Who doesn’t love bright, obnoxious, and super vibrant colors? That’s right! Everyone LOVES them! Bring your brightest neon clothes you can find and wear them every Wednesday at camp.  Campers, maybe we can blind the camera!

Camp O Fanatic FRIDAY
Let’s see some Camp O Spirit!  Wear your favorite Camp O gear, from shirts to shorts to socks to hats… all of it!  We want everyone to know who the best camp in the world is, and we want to yell about it, “LET’S GO!”

4th of July – Term 2 & 2B
Wear your best red, white, and blue outfits to celebrate Independence Day! Dress like a flag if your heart desires! The crazier, the better! You might even make our Instagram page!  We will have a parade too, but don’t forget to pack some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty during our red, white and blue color war! It won’t be one you’ll want to miss… that’s for sure!

Christmas in July – Term 3
Wake up to presents, sing carols all day, and enjoy a winter wonderland.  Will Santa or Mrs. Claus be here? What about the Grinch?  Or, maybe even the reindeer? Maybe dress as a present, a candy cane or even a tree!  We love celebrating Christmas during summer, and can’t wait to string the Christmas lights again!

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