Camp Olympia

Communication & Photos

Communication & Photos

Technology-Free Communication
At Camp Olympia, campers are unplugged!  This is intentional, as we want campers to give their eyes a rest from staring at the TV, computer and phones, give their thumbs a rest from texting and playing video games, as well as give their ears a rest from their ear buds and headphones.  They do not come to camp with phones, computers, iPods, etc. so they can have fun playing in the great outdoors as well as talking and building lasting relationships with both campers and counselors.

Photos While at Camp
Each day we will post OVER 100 PHOTOS within our password protected site so you can see camp in action and FOLLOW THE FUN! Encourage your camper to get in front of the camp cameras!  Parents and guests can view photos from their Parent Portal on their phone via the convenient Campanion App.  To learn more about the Campanion App, click here!

Camper Mail
Campers will love receiving mail at camp, and they are encouraged to write home as often as possible!  Writing letters has almost become a lost art, but it is an important skill that all campers will work on at camp!  Parents appreciate that our counselors take the time to send you hand-written mail during the term as well.

Parent Emails
Parents, email is also a convenient way for your to contact your camper, but please note, they will not have access to a computer to email back.  There is a service called eLetters, available through your online Parent Account, that campers can use to write a letter on a specially marked stationery that our office can post to your online parent account.  This service gets mail from your camper to you faster and is particularly helpful for any parents traveling while their camper is at camp!  Refer to your Parent Packet, mailed prior to camp, for more details, or feel free to contact our office.

Phone Communication with Staff
While campers do not have access to a phone, please feel free to call and talk with our staff or your camper’s counselor at any time for information, concerns or suggestions about your camper’s stay.  When calling to speak with a counselor, a message will be taken and the call returned at a specific time. You can reach us at 936.594.2541 or email us.

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