Camp Olympia


Junior Golf Academy FAQs

My child has never played golf before, is that okay?

Yes! At the Academy, all skill levels are welcomed. Golfers will be placed in groups based on skill level.

Does my golfer need to bring clubs to camp? What about golf attire?

We suggest that he/she brings golf clubs to the Academy. It is important to receive instruction and practice with the clubs that he/she will utilize after camp. Golfers at the academy are also asked to wear golf attire, including golf shoes and collared shirts.

Does my golfer need to bring golf balls?

We ask the golfers bring golf balls to camp for use on the course. Balls will be provided for the daily practice.

Does my golfer receive any feedback from the professionals?

Yes. During the Academy, each golfer will have their swing videoed and analyzed using the V1 golf system in additional to daily instruction and feedback from the professionals.

What is the ratio of golfers to instructors at the Academy?

We strive to keep the ratio of professional to golfer at 1:6. With the assistance of the Camp Olympia counselor, the ratio at the course is 1 staff member to 4 golfers.

How many times will my golfer be able to play the courses at Whispering Pines?

Golfers will play the 9-hole short course or the main 18-hole course once a week during morning instruction at the Academy. In addition, golfers have the option to play on the course Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday evenings or participate in the nightly program planned for their cabin.

How far is the golf course from Camp Olympia?

Whispering Pines Golf Club can be accessed through Camp Olympia’s main gates, and it is just down the main road within camp. Golfers ride a trailer everyday from the main part of camp to the course.

Where will my child stay?

Camp Olympia campers live in cabins, along with their counselors. Olympia strives to keep a counselor to camper ratio in each cabin of 1:4. Cabin assignments are made based on age and cabinmate requests. Each cabin and bathroom is air-conditioned.

What other Camp Olympia activities will my child do?

At Camp Olympia, campers get to choose activities that interest them from the over 40 that are offered. From those activity choices, campers will receive an individualized activity schedule. This schedule will indicate Junior Golf Academy as their activity each morning and other activities from their choices will be scheduled for each afternoon. Olympia has a unique offering of activities encompassing team sports, leisure activities and water sports.

Do parents have the opportunity to play at Whispering Pines?

Yes! As a parent of a Junior Golf Academy camper, you will receive a voucher to play Whispering Pines. All vouchers are mailed out after summer.

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