Camp Olympia

Staff Hiring & Training

Staff Hiring & Training

Premier camps must have premier staff members!  At Olympia, we know the importance of hiring and training amazing counselors as they have an incredible opportunity to positively impact the lives of campers!  Lots of people ask what we look for when hiring our counselors, and we always respond that they have to have a heart for helping children to grow.  In addition to being fun and talented, we are looking for our counselors to possess the Olympia I.C.A.R.E. qualities: Integrity, Commitment, Attitude, Recognition and Enthusiasm!

Our full-time staff of directors recruit counselors from colleges throughout the United States in an effort to find outstanding role models for our campers. From over 400 applicants, approximately 50 are invited to join our returning staff. Many of our staff members have grown up at Olympia as campers themselves, and they have the desire to give back to campers what they gained from their experience at camp.  The full-time staff interviews applicants, verifies at least 3 references of the applicant and conducts a background check on each applicant prior to hiring.

Our staff bonds together for a rigorous 10 day counselor training clinic prior to camp. From this training, our counselors emerge with a firm understanding of the Olympia program along with a high level of safety consciousness.  Additionally, each counselor agrees not to drink while employed at Camp Olympia.

Depending upon the size of the cabin, there will be 3 or 4 counselors assigned to the cabin.  At a cabin ratio of four campers to each counselor in the cabin, everyone is assured of individual attention.

Counselors also play an important role in teaching activities and coaching Spartan/Athenian.  We have several staff members that play athletics at the collegiate level, which is a real benefit to our program!

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