Camp Olympia

Packing List

Packing List & Dress Code

Need to know what to bring with you this summer to Camp Olympia? Refer to our packing list below. Need some extra camp gear? Don’t forget to check out our camp shop called the Country Store!

Campers should bring their belongings to camp in a FOOTLOCKER/TRUNK NO MORE THEN 14″ INCHES TALL in order to fit underneath the cabin’s bunk beds. It is fine to pack some items in a labeled laundry bag or duffle bag. Please do NOT bring expensive outfits, jewelry or equipment to camp.

All camper belongings should be LABELED with their first and last name!

Below is the minimum suggested needs list.

2 2 Laundry Bag
6 8 Towel
4 6 Washcloth
1 1 Pillow
2 2 Twin Sheet Set (flat & fitted)
1 1 Lightweight Blanket
10 12 Socks (pairs)
9 12 Shorts
10 12 T-Shirt/Tank Top
1 1 Long Sleeved Shirt
9 12 Underwear
2 2 Pajamas
1 2 Jeans/Long Pants*
1 1 Raincoat or Poncho
1 1 Lake Shoes
2 2 Tennis Shoes
1 1 Shower Shoes
3+ 3+ Swim Suit
1 1 Swim Shirt
1 1 Swim Shorts
10 12 Sports Bra (for older girls)
1 1 Flashlight
1 1 Cap/Visor
1 1 Insect Repellent
1 1 Sunscreen (SPF 15+)
1 1 Water Bottle with Flip Top**
7+ 10+ Stationery and Stamps
1 1 Shower Caddy/Toiletry Bag
1/day 1/day Disposable Face Masks (optional)
2 2 Nose Clips

* Your camper will need jeans or long pants for cookout with their cabin, as well as participating in Horseback activities.

** Please only bring water bottles that have either a straw or a flip-top! We do not want any area of the water bottle that has touched someone’s mouth to make contact with our refilling stations!

Summer Camp Dress Code

In keeping with a wholesome safe environment, we encourage all campers to wear well-fitted, appropriate clothes, shoes and swim wear. Camp is a very active environment, and at times boys and girls will be participating together in activities.

Swim wear should provide complete coverage, fasten securely and be designed for active wear. We encourage female campers to wear a one-piece swim suit, however two-pieces are allowed if they have only one tie accompanied by another fastener. (Triangle bikini tops and bottoms that tie are prohibited.) Also, water shorts are required when participating in lake activities such as blobbing, rocketing and wakeboarding/ waterskiing.

Colored sports bras provide adequate coverage and support and are acceptable tops for water activities. However, in all land activities, a tank-top or t-shirt needs to be worn with a sports bra or bathing suit. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts should fit appropriately and not have large, gaping arm holes that hang down past a sports bra or to the middle of the ribs. Shorts should be of a modest length. Closed-toe shoes are needed for all land activities, and lake shoes are recommended for our lake activities.

Staff reserves the right to ask campers to change clothes or put on additional clothing if deemed not appropriate for the active, co-ed camp environment.

(Please also pack)

  • golf clubs
  • golf shoes
  • 3 dozen golf balls
  • 7 collared shirts

Please include all other necessary toiletry items for your camper. Many campers choose to bring a shower caddy and/or toiletry bag to carry their items to/from the cabin and bathroom.