Camp Olympia

Nightly Programs

At Camp Olympia, we do not slow down when the sun goes down! The nightly programs are O-mazing and a definite highlight of camp. Olympia nightly programs are unique, with different types of programs offered throughout each term. To give campers variety, some programs are designed specifically for designated age groups, some are for all of Boys’ Camp or Girls’ Camp, and then others are exciting All-Camp Events. Each year we add new and exciting programs to our annual favorites.

When the Sun Goes Down... the FUN Doesn't Stop!

Programs for All Camp

All-Camp nightly programs are a blast! Whether it is our themed dances, rodeo, talent show or carnival, campers love the fun and excitement that surround these programs. Decorations, costumes and special games make these nights unforgettable!  It’s always fun seeing who can be the most creative with their costumes!

Programs for Boys’/Girls’ Camp

Some nights at camp have two separate programs going on, one for Boys’ Camp and one for Girls’ Camp. This allows for fun programming just for boys and just for girls. Boys’ Camp and Girls’ Camp can’t agree on who has more fun!

Programs for Age Groups

There are nights at camp that campers participate in programs designed just for their age group. These nights called “Cluster Nights” are great for campers to get to spend time with their friends and counselors in their cabin, forming stronger friendships. Most programs for “Cluster Nights” change every year, but the Cookout Night is a tradition and annual favorite of campers.

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