Camp Olympia

Our Mission

Our Mission

 Camp Olympia is dedicated to having fun together,
helping people grow in body, mind, and spirit.

In order that you can know us better, we have set out values taken from our mission statement. We believe it is of the utmost importance that you KNOW who we are and for what we stand.

Dedicated – We’re sold on the value of camping. The real life experience camping provides cannot be matched. Preservation of this opportunity for future generations is a must. As we offer a program promoting adventure, challenge, fun and growth to people of all ages, we will continue to affirm the value of camping and its many benefits.

Fun – Fun keeps people coming back for more. We want our facility and program to be enjoyable for everyone who comes through our gates. We create a family atmosphere where FUN begins as an attitude and becomes a way of life. At Olympia, fun is second only to safety.

People – There is nothing of greater value than human life. We consider safety our top priority in evaluating, planning, and programming for any individual or group at Camp Olympia.

Grow – The physical, mental and spiritual growth of every person at Olympia is important. We want people to leave Olympia with more esteem for God, others, and themselves and to feel positively challenged to work and plan for a successful life. Our program and facilities have been designed with the positive growth of people in mind.

Body – We encourage physical activity and new challenges throughout our daily schedule, allowing time to rest and reflect on the day’s events.

Mind – We provide a safe haven for working through real life situations and resolving conflict with the help of peers and counselors.

Spirit – Growth at Camp Olympia is encouraged daily with a wholesome Christian atmosphere and non-denominational Christian Vespers are offered on Sundays.

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