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Want to know what parents think about Camp Olympia?

“I just want to say THANK YOU for providing my children with all the wonderful things that you do. The difference all the counselors make in their lives…being the role models that sometimes even a parent can’t fill. They view them all as people they want to be like…fun, positive, grounded, fair, loving, friendly, encouraging, helpful, respectful …I could go on. Both of my sons talked about the CLP program…and someday becoming counselors themselves! I know it’s a lot of work for everyone, but again, the impact on their lives is enormous. Also, the friends that they have made are also unlike most friends they have in their day to day life. I think of it as pure friendships. Not encumbered by outside influences – school, appearance, abilities. People who touch our lives and make a difference…help us to find the people we are capable of becoming. The activities, the food, the beautiful camp grounds are incredible, but it’s all of you, the people that make a difference. I am blessed that they have been able to have this experience.”
– Sara; Richardson, Texas

“We are so lucky to have found Camp O. There’s no other camp like it! It’s so wonderful to know you are sending your kids to a place that really understands kids, has their best interests at heart, and provides them with a fun and growing experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Pamela; Chicago, Illinois

“We want to thank you for the amazing time our boys had again at camp this year! They couldn’t wait to sign up for next year. You and your staff do a phenomenal job of making the camp experience so special. We appreciate all of your effort and hard work. We are thrilled to part of the Camp Olympia family”
– Sugar Land, Texas

“I just wanted to thank you all so much for a great term 4. We all appreciate the light-hearted, nurturing atmosphere at camp and the quality of the counselors that you put together each year who do such an amazing job accompanying them at camp. I also wanted to let you know how reassuring the photos were each day. The volume of photos made sure that we saw a picture of each child at least once a day”
– Corrine; Neuilly, France

“Camp Olympia is making a huge impact on its camper’s lives! The staff is second to none – just an outstanding effort and commitment. I played 9 holes with my son last night. The improvement in his game from 3 weeks ago is amazing. He is very confident in the changes he has made, has more extension and power in the new swing, and he made several beautiful pars and had a couple of legitimate birdie putts (playing from the women’s tees)! I am so pleased for him, and credit to the Jr. Golf Academy!!”
– Timothy; Houston, Texas

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in making his camp experience so wonderful. I must add that my simple words of thank you certainly do not adequately express my deep appreciation and gratitude to y’all and all that you do. It’s such a comfort as a parent to continuously send my kids to Camp O each year and know that they will be safe and have a rewarding and memorable time. Thank you for being Camp O’s directors and all that y’all do! We look forward to seeing y’all again next year!”
– Causey; Houston, Texas

“When a child comes home saying if felt like they knew their cabin mates forever, then you know you have a good thing going. They came home with so many stories of great food, fun activities, comfortable cabins and most of all new and lasting friendships.”
– Peg; Houston, Texas

“I love the overall positive environment, organization, team-work, and outdoor activities [my camper] experiences during their time at camp.”
– A Camp Olympia Parent

“I love that [my camper] tried new things and persevered even when things were new and challenging.”
– A Camp Olympia Parent

“I appreciate the effort to focus on every single camper to help them make the most of their experience.”
– A Camp Olympia Parent

“My camper came back with confidence, friends, and an eagerness to perform better at school and home.”
– A Camp Olympia Parent

“I loved seeing pictures of what [my camper] was doing throughout camp.”
– A Camp Olympia Parent

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