Camp Olympia

Mail & Packages

Mail & Packages While at Camp

We encourage you to WRITE YOUR CAMPER frequently.  At camp, mail is a BIG DEAL!  Your camper will enjoy receiving cards, letters and emails, and they are encouraged to write you back and share their camp experience with you.  Mail is delivered to campers after lunch Monday – Saturday.

Camp Olympia allows parents to EMAIL their camper during his/her stay at camp for FREE.  Please put your child’s name and cabin number in the subject line and send to, or you may choose to send emails through your online Parent Account.  (Refer to your Parent Packet, mailed out prior to camp, for specific instructions on all of the online communication services.)

The mailing address is:
Camp Olympia
723 Olympia Drive
Trinity, Texas 75862

The email address for camper mail is:

Though mail is highly encouraged, outside packages are not.  Family and friends are asked NOT to send OUTSIDE PACKAGES to campers.  Any package will be returned to sender.  This policy was implemented because in the past, the high volume of packages created a distraction from the true purpose of camp, a messy cabin environment, unnecessary competition amongst campers and pressure on parents to send something routinely to campers.  Additionally, the excessive number of outside packages made it more difficult to manage our wholesome camp environment and what is being sent into camp.

If there is a special need or birthday, please contact the office at 936-594-2541 or

Camp does, however, still offer its Camp-Approved Special Delivery Care Packages, with the option for families to purchase up to 2 care packages for your camper while at camp.  These packages have a variety of cool, fun items that are gender specific. Also, purchases from the Online Country Store will be hand-delivered to your camper while he/she is at camp, but a maximum of one per week is recommended.

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