Camp Olympia

Recreational Hobbies

In addition to all of our high-energy activity choices, there are also Recreational Hobbies where campers enjoy a slower pace and hanging out with their friends.  Several of these activity classes involve hobbies that campers will enjoy throughout their life and share with others.

Recreational Hobbies Available for Campers

Board Games

Board games is a great activity for campers to relax, have fun with friends and learn some strategy!

Ping Pong

Campers have fun competing with each other at ping pong. It is popular recreational activity for campers of all ages.

Puppies in Training

Each summer, camp adopts three puppies!  Campers learn how to care for and train them.  Campers spend time taking the puppies on walks, giving them baths, teaching them commands and loving on them!

Mini Golf

Get ready for some putting at the 9-hole Li’l Pines mini golf course, complete with a fountain and bridge!

Jumping Pad

How high can you jump? Our Jumping Pad is like a giant inflatable! It is big enough that up to 30 people can jump on it at the same time, so entire cabins can have fun on it together.


Aerobics is a great way to continue an exercise schedule or learn new aerobic techniques. While most aerobics classes are in our air-conditioned Top of the O’Dome, some days the class may choose to do water aerobics at the pool or Yoga at the lake.


Charm is a fun activity for campers of all ages. In this activity, campers may learn some skills such as braiding hair, painting nails, or how to write encouragement or thank you notes.


“O-O”, also known as “Gaga Ball”, is a camp favorite for many!   It is a version of dodgeball played in an octogon pit where players try to tag another player with the ball below the knees.  The O-O pits at camp are always full!

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