Camp Olympia

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Whether it is our famous Crispitos or our Cookout Ranger Dogs, campers love our food!  After all, food at camp is a big deal!

Camp Olympia takes pride in providing healthy and delicious meals for children to enjoy.  Years ago, we took a proactive approach to have our menus evaluated by nutrition experts to ensure that our kid-friendly meals are nutritious.

Our well-balanced meals offer several food choices so even picky eaters have options! Breakfasts has options including a hot dish (ex. pancakes, biscuits & gravy, etc.), eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal. A salad bar, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and fresh fruit are available at lunches and dinners in addition to the main meal being served. Campers also are encouraged to drink lots of water at every meal!

Have specific food allergies? Concerned about specific diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian? It is important to us that each camper’s special dietary needs are met. Whether your camper has specific food allergies or specific diets like gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarians, we want to work with you to have meal options that we can prepare for your camper. Prior to camp, we ask that you indicate any special needs on our Camper Personal Information Sheet and on the Health History Form so our nurses, chefs and cabin counselors are aware. If you have any special food needs, we encourage you to discuss those concerns with us prior to camp so we can work through any menu issues together. Feel free to contact Michelle Mauldin,as she can discuss our term menu with you to help determine what if any special food accommodations need to be made to best serve your camper. Depending upon the degree or number of allergies, sometimes parents will send supplemental meals prior to camp (or drop off on opening day) that will be available for their camper throughout their stay at camp.

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