Camp Olympia

Outdoor Adventure

Olympia’s Outdoor Adventure classes provide campers with an opportunity to try activities that they may not have ever tried before or do not routinely have access to enjoy.  As the Outdoor Adventure name implies, these activity offerings allow campers to experience activities out in nature where they come away with a greater appreciation of the world around them.

Experience the FUN of the Great Outdoors!


See if you can hit the bull’s-eye! Archery is an activity that has been available at camp since the beginning, with many campers shooting their first bow and arrow at Olympia. Our Archery Range, Sherwood Forest, has two lines so many campers can enjoy this activity at once.


Take a stroll through camp in biking class! Campers can take a leisurely ride on the roads and trails of camp. It is a wonderful way to see camp while getting great exercise! Through the years, many campers have learned to ride a bike for the first time at Camp Olympia.


Fishing is a great, relaxing activity at Olympia. Campers fish in stocked ponds out on the golf course as well as near the heart of camp. They use a variety of baits with the hopes of catching the biggest fish.

Challenge Course

Campers are flying high at Olympia’s Challenge Course! Campers can challenge themselves on high elements such as the climbing wall, two-person zip line, pamper poles and giant 3-person swing! The challenge course also includes low elements that promote teamwork, cooperation and responsibility. Challenge Course class is for our oldest campers, ages 13-16, but all campers have the opportunity to use some elements of the challenge course while at camp.

Giant Swing

Get ready to soar through the trees! It doesn’t get much more exciting than the Giant Swing! The swing is over 50 feet tall and is an awesome adventure that allows three people to swing at once. Campers (48″ and above) will have a chance to swing during Breakout, in addition to those campers taking Challenge Course class.

Intermediate Adventure

Are you 10-12 years old and interested in some adventure? Intermediate Adventure class includes fun and exciting team-building activities including use of our low elements at our Challenge Course. This is one of our co-ed classes.


J-Journeys is a class just for our campers ages 9 and under where they have an awesome outdoor adventure.  Campers will trek through the piney woods, do scavenger hunts around camp, and learn about the great outdoors.

Rockwall Climbing

Climb high! All campers will have the opportunity to climb on the rock wall, in addition to campers in the Challenge Course, Intermediate Adventure, and J-Journeys classes.

Outdoor Skills

Outdoor Skills is a class developed specifically for 13-15 year old campers. Campers may experience using a compass, setting up camp, environmental education, fire building, rope tying, trapping, canoeing, fishing,  and skeet shooting.


Learn a lifetime skill in riflery! Campers enjoy learning about rifles in the secured environment of our riflery range. Safety is first at Camp Olympia, so counselors teach safety procedures and safety equipment is provided. Many campers are excited to show their bull’s-eyes to counselors and friends!

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