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Life As A Camp Olympia Counselor

Below is a list of the job functions of a Camp Olympia counselor.

QUALIFICATIONS: The applicant must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least one semester of college before June 1st of the application year. Camp Olympia’s staff is a select group of caring, loving individuals who have a heart for children. Counselors will impact campers through their own personal life and the daily example they set.

FUNCTION 1: Supervise children in a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, rustic environment and must possess the stamina to carry out camp program and activities daily over an extended period of time.

FUNCTION 2: Maintain a positive attitude and provide a positive, SAFE environment for campers.

FUNCTION 3: Keep written records daily of each assigned camper as well as written communication with their parents.

FUNCTION 4: Actively teach or assist a minimum of ten 45 minute activity periods. (Six on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and four on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.) All counselors must possess the ability to teach in two of the activity groupings listed in this application as well as the ability to assist in at least one other listed grouping.

FUNCTION 5: Carry on the Olympia program during “East Texas” summer climate (hot and humid).

FUNCTION 6: Must possess abilities to stay calm in an emergency and follow correct procedures taught to you.

FUNCTION 7: Must set an example in personal life and daily living, which exemplifies a loving attitude by demonstrating a good conscience, pure heart and sincere faith.

FUNCTION 8: Must represent self with a strong character and moral values throughout the year in all areas of daily living (at school and through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

FUNCTION 9: Must be able to traverse approximately five to eight miles a day over rough, natural terrain, while supervising campers.

FUNCTION 10: Must be able to carry out special assignments during the heat of the day requiring varying degrees of physical labor. Each counselor will be required to perform the designated special work assignment a minimum of every other day.