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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Summer camp is an oasis for children. It’s a place for them to escape the ever growing pressures of the school year, have fun, and learn invaluable lessons. Parents want the very best for their children, and we know that Camp Olympia is the BEST camp in the world. It is true – there are a lot of good summer camp programs out there, but there are many reasons that set us apart and make us the BEST!

1. Safety Record

Camp Olympia has gone above and beyond many private camps to demonstrate our commitment to safety by complying with the accreditation standards of the American Camping Association (ACA). To earn accreditation, we comply with over 200 health, safety, and program quality standards. During our latest accreditation visit, we made a perfect score complying with all 200+ standards.

We invest in accreditation because the children we serve deserve our best. No environment is risk free. However, ACA camps voluntarily go through this rigorous risk management process to prevent illness or injury to campers and to have solid plans if an emergency does occur. Camp Olympia provides a supervised, positive environment with controlled boundaries to help children grow.

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Fun is second only to safety at Camp Olympia! Camp Olympia is proud of its award-winning safety record.

2. Location, Location, Location!

Camp Olympia was one of the first Texas camps to break away from Hill Country camping and go to East Texas. We are located on the shores of Lake Livingston, one of the largest lakes in Texas. With a long, private shoreline, our waterfront/aquatics program is second to none. Our location is convenient to many major cities in Texas and Louisiana and is just a 1 hour and thirty minute drive northeast from Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. As a result, we have campers from not just all over Texas, but the world!

3. Leadership

Camp Olympia has one of the largest year-round management and support staffs in the United States. Cody Mauldin and Michelle Mauldin have been the Boys’ Camp and Girls’ Camp Directors here at Camp Olympia for over 15 summers. They lead an impressive college-age counselor staff in impacting all of the campers that come through the Olympia gates. Debbie Stubblefield, who now serves as the Administrative Director, has been a part of the year-round staff of directors since 2004 and started at Camp Olympia as a camper at age 7. They have dedicated themselves to enriching the lives of children through the camp experience, and they lead an experienced staff who have a heart for Camp Olympia. We feel that it is a real asset that all of the full-time directors were once Olympia campers and/or counselors.

4. CHOOSING Activities

Camp Olympia is one of the few camps that offers individualized scheduling of our camp activities. We recognize that not everyone has the same interests so we allow campers to choose the activities in which they have interest. This is easy to do with over 40 different activities offered, ranging from wakeboarding to golf to horseback riding. Each camper will participate in 10 different activities in addition to our fun nightly programs and Spartan/Athenian competition. Activity classes are scheduled by age group.

5. Counselors

We take great pride in the counselors that we select to be counselors at camp, as we know the opportunity that exists for counselors to make a positive impact in the life of a camper. We strive to maintain a superb ratio of 1 counselor to every 4 campers in the cabin, and the average age of an Olympia counselor is 21. Their maturity is important because we also require all of our counselors to refrain from consuming alcohol during their employment at Olympia. Recruiting the best counselors possible is a year-round effort and a main priority for the full-time staff. We recruit from over 20 universities. We require completion of an extensive application, conduct personal interviews, require and follow up on a minimum of 3 references, and complete a background check for each staff member. Plus, counselors go through an extensive Counselor Training School prior to the beginning of summer so they know camp’s expectations, detailed program, and safety policies/procedures prior to campers arriving. Again, the care of your child is our primary focus.

6. Facilities that are Always Growing… it’s the Olympia Way!

Camp Olympia has outstanding facilities, including a swimming pool, challenge course, as well as fields and courts for many activities. While most of the activities take place on a 101-acre location, camp has access to hundreds  of additional acres of private land. We improve the facility each year with additions and enhancements so campers are always in for a treat when they return. Additions within the last 5 years include our new climbing wall at our swimming pool, new lakeside Olympiatheater that is perfect for Talent Show, New Cluster of Cabins (our largest cluster of cabins ever!), 2-Person Zip Line at the Challenge Course, a Water Balloon Battle Station at the pool, and Aqua Inflatables for both the pool and waterfront! Camp just keeps getting better and better!!!

Additionally, our golf class and Junior Golf Academy have an opportunity unlike any other in the nation! Next door to Camp Olympia is the stunning Whispering Pines Golf Club, which has been ranked the #1 golf course in Texas by Golf Digest and the Dallas Morning News.

7. Air Conditioning

While Olympia is located on the breezy shores of Lake Livingston, it does get warm in Texas during the summer. Unlike most of the other camps in Texas, all of the cabins, bathrooms, our dining hall, and many of the enclosed areas are air conditioned. Air conditioned cabins make sleeping at night much more comfortable!

8. Parents Experience Camp Too!

Camp Olympia offers parents an opportunity to experience camp right along with their camper via the Internet. While your camper is at camp, we write a daily update to keep you informed, and we put over 100 pictures online each day in a password protected area so you can see your camper’s smiling face.

9. Ownership

Camp Olympia was founded in 1968 by Corby Robertson, Jr. and Chris Gilbert and is a labor of love for both individuals. They are committed to their founding goal to make Camp Olympia the best camp in the world, and it has been their policy to reinvest the profits derived from the operation of Olympia back into camp’s facilities, programs, and staff. Neither man receives a salary or dividend from the operations of camp. Both are successful entrepreneurs who are active in the business community. Both men have distinguished themselves in various ways. Robertson is a recipient of the highest award given by the University of Texas to an alumnus, the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Gilbert has served the University of Texas as the President of the Longhorn Hall of Honor and is enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame.

10. Waterfront

Our waterfront really separates us from other camp programs. Camp Olympia has a long, private shoreline on Lake Livingston, which is one of the largest lakes in Texas. With our fleet of 9 inboard ski boats that we use to teach kids how to waterski, wakeboard, and slalom, we have one of the largest aquatic programs in Texas. Canoeing, kayaking, sailing, paddle-boarding, blobbing, water sliding and rocketing are some of the other activities that take place down on our waterfront.

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