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Camp Olympia

Our Staff

Our Staff

Year-Round Directors

Camp Olympia has been blessed with an outstanding year-round staff that has years of experience at Olympia.  They believe in the benefits that Olympia provides to children.  It is the common goal to see young people grow mentally, physically and spiritually in a safe, fun-filled environment.

Cody & Michelle Mauldin have been the Boys’ Camp and Girls’ Camp Directors for over 15 summers, where they oversee the hiring and training of summer counselors and manage the summer camp program. They have committed their lives to camping and truly have poured themselves into taking care of campers and counselors alike. Cody began as a counselor at camp in 1994 and has served in multiple roles prior to becoming the Director of Boys’ Camp. Michelle was an Olympia camper and counselor, prior to joining the year-round staff in 1996 as the Program Director. Both have a heart for kids and seeing them grow through their experiences at camp. Cody and Michelle met at Olympia and married in 1998. They now have two campers of their own, Paton and Cade.

Debbie Stubblefield is the Administrative Director at Camp Olympia, and she too was a camper and counselor, beginning at Olympia at age seven.  In 2004, Debbie joined the year-round staff, handling the marketing and communications for camp.  She knows first-hand the positive impact that Camp Olympia has on children and has a passion for sharing that with others.  She has helped develop a team of dedicated year-round directors, all of whom have once been counselors at Camp Olympia, who share in camp’s vision of providing the best camp experience possible.  Debbie met her husband, David, when both were counselors at Olympia.  They now are the proud parents of 2 campers, Pierce and Hudson.

Olympia’s year-round staff of over 20 people plan and prepare for your child’s camp experience.  Our food service, maintenance and administrative staff go the extra mile to make Olympia the best camp in the world.

Summer Counselors

At the heart of every successful camp is its staff, and at Olympia, we strive to hire only the best role models for our campers. Olympia has a thorough hiring process of its college-age counselors, which includes interviewing, contacting references, and conducting criminal background checks of all candidates before staff members are hired. Additionally, included in each counselor’s contract, is an agreement to NOT drink alcohol while employed at Camp Olympia. Safety is first at Camp Olympia.

We take great pride in the counselors that we select to be counselors at camp, as we know the opportunity that exists for counselors to make a positive impact in the life of a camper.  Our counselors are recruited from over 20 colleges and universities throughout the United States. We look for caring, selfless and talented counselors that have a heart for children, who want to make a positive, lasting impact on others. From over 400 applicants, approximately 50 new staff members are invited to join our returning staff each summer. These young people bond together for a one-week, rigorous training clinic prior to the start of camp named Counselor Training School. From this, our counselors emerge with a firm understanding of the Olympia program along with a high level of safety consciousness. At a ratio of four campers to each counselor, every camper is assured of individual attention.

If you are interested in a counselor position at Camp Olympia, click here.