Top 5 Reasons to Be a Counselor

As a camper you experience the tradition, but as a counselor you become a part of the tradition! The Camp Olympia family spans generations of campers, counselors, and staff who are passionate about growth and summer fun. There are so many reasons counselors come back year after year, but here are the top 5 we hear every year!

camp olympia counselors in blue athenian shirts and face paint

1. Lasting Friendships

No place else will you make the kind of lasting and genuine friendships than you do as a counselor at camp.  Camp is a place where others will truly get to know you, including your strengths and weaknesses, on your good days and bad.  You will find encouragement, enthusiasm and a lot of fun-loving people who will not just support you at camp, but through life.  Camp friends are forever friends.    

three female counselors taking selfie with sunscreen on noses

2. Work Experience 

Working as a camp counselor helps you step out of your comfort zone while building SOFT SKILLS like leadership, communication, and teamwork. During camp, you will lead activities, serve as a mentor and guide for campers, and be a liaison between campers and staff. All of this is great to add to your resume, and this span of experience is attractive to employers because it shows that you can think on your feet, delegate tasks, maintain streamlined communication, and be a role model. 

male summer camp counselor smiling at crowd of campers

3. Flexible Session Selection

Summers in college are busy. The great thing about being a Camp Olympia counselor is that you have the flexibility to attend all terms and spend your summer at camp or pick and choose your terms to work with other plans. Counselors have the freedom to join us at the beginning of summer and still go on their vacations or take time off later in the summer.

summer camp counselor in camp olympia staff shirt with boy camper thumbs up

4. Change Campers’ Lives

The bonds that you make at camp are bonds that will last a lifetime. As a counselor, you get to create relationships with your group of campers and impact them in a lasting way. The campers look up to you for encouragement, advice, and guidance, and even after they leave camp, campers will remember the positive impact you made on their camp experience. 

summer camp counselor helping camper on horseback

5. FUN!

When was the last time you got paid to have fun? Being a summer camp counselor allows you to do just that. Along with the campers, you have the complete freedom to get silly and let your inner child shine. From water sports, to archery and horseback riding, as a counselor you can participate in a variety of activities and events right alongside campers. Counselors have fun in the sun at all activities and events and get have fun right alongside campers at nightly programs, so pack up your costumes, silly hats, and sunscreen and apply for the best summer job in Texas today!

male and female counselor with wakeboard at camp olympia on lake livingston

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