Is Your Child Ready To Be A Camper? How to Tell and Prepare

Knowing when your camper is ready for an overnight camp experience is, at its core, something only a parent will know. However, after over 50 years in the business, we have a few pointers on how to know when it’s time. 

There is no age that’s right for every child. For some, they might be ready particularly early, while for others it could be later. We have found that 6 is a great time to start the conversation, if your camper doesn’t start it first! Commonly, friends or family will mention a positive camp experience that will spark an interest in an overnight camp. Campers listen to other campers, after all! 

Some things to consider when determining if your camper is ready: 

    • How do they do when away from home for the night? 
    • Are sleepovers exciting and stress-free for them? 
    • Are weekend or week-long stays with extended family common in your family? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then your camper is more likely to adapt easily to being away from home for the duration of camp—and enjoy it!

If you think your camper is ready, but they’re hesitant, we encourage you to find someone they know who is a camp veteran! Whether it’s an older family member, family friend, or a classmate they know who has been to an overnight camp, a conversation with that person is a great way for your child to learn all about the fun benefits of camp. When your child is excited about camp in their own right, they’re more likely to settle in with ease. 

Sometimes, the jump to a two- or three-week session can be daunting for a young, first-time camper and their family. That’s why we started SPARK Week, a week-long overnight session designed specifically for first-time campers aged 6-9! SPARK campers at Camp Olympia have dedicated cabins and counselors who are prepared to guide them through their first camp experience. They have many fun activities and Nightly Programs for their entire SPARK group, plus over 18 activities to choose from for their individualized schedule.  Learn more about a typical day at SPARK Week here.

SPARK Week is one of our most popular programs for a reason! It gives campers a way to ease into the overnight camp experience before trying our full two- or three-week program.

Families can choose one of our week-long SPARK Week sessions in June or July. Thinking about giving camp a try? Register for a SPARK Week session today.