Start Your Summer With Camp Olympia: Why We LOVE Term One

A smiling father drives by a summer camp entrance while his son stands in the open sunroof holding a Camp Olympia banner.
Camp Olympia brings the fun to each term, all summer long! No matter what term you’re registered for, it’s bound to be filled with adventure, lifelong friendships, and a lot of laughs. As summer quickly approaches, parents and children alike are looking forward to a special summer experience. Term 1 at Camp Olympia is an O-mazing way to kick off your summer vacation. Here are 3 reasons why we think Term 1 ROCKS!

1. Opening Day is HUGE!

It’s hard to describe the excitement of Opening Day in the Pineywoods. The anticipation of seeing your camp friends and favorite counselors again, the thrill of adventures waiting to be had, and the limitless possibilities of life on Lake Livingston make the opening day of each session so exciting. But, Opening Day of Term 1 is Opening Day of the entire summer, which makes the anticipation and excitement even higher! As the cars roll in and the red and blue signs are up, the energy on the very first opening day is like no other! We’ve been waiting since last summer to have y’all back!

2. More Space

Because some area schools are still in session, Term 1 tends to have more availability if you’re registering closer to summer. Term 1 does not have our SPARK or CLP programs so it feels roomier. Your session is still sure to be packed with O-mazing events and friends, and maybe a slightly shorter line to do the blob AGAIN!

3. Spartan/Athenian Winner Sets the Tone for the Summer

So, are you BLUE or RED? The Spartan/Athenian tradition lasts all summer long, year after year. But, if you come for Term 1 you have the chance to set the tone for the summer! Be a part of getting a leg up for your tribe!

Four smiling summer camp counselors jump in the air at the Camp Olympia Cabin Loop Road entrance gate.

Term 1 at Camp Olympia is guaranteed fun for EVERYONE! Whether you are a first time camper or are returning to the Pineywoods, we cannot wait to see you! Register today or learn more about dates and pricing.