Introducing the Outdoor Education Center at Camp Olympia

A group of children and instructors interact on a trail in the woods during a nature hike.

Changing a child’s learning environment can help them grow and learn at an increased capacity. More importantly, children who experience a curriculum that includes outdoor education are better able to take skills that they’ve gained and apply them to everyday life. When you open the door to the classroom, you open the classroom to the world.

About OEC at Camp Olympia

Organized learning that takes place outdoors introduces kids to a new realm of possibilities. Bringing science, math, and comprehension outside of the classroom sparks an interest that may have previously been untapped. Through activities such as forest and aquatic ecology, astronomy, living history, and conservation, students can immerse themselves in the lesson and take that interest back with them to the classroom. The Outdoor Education Center at Camp Olympia was created by teachers to enhance subjects taught in school and still follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum. Our OEC features high-quality, hands-on educational activities, and participants walk away with a newfound appreciation for nature and teamwork.

A group of Outdoor Education students join hands in a group circle.

Why Outdoor Education?

There are countless benefits to bringing classroom lessons outdoors. Research has shown that frequent outdoor learning experiences can enhance student achievement and give students an overall sense of well-being. Outdoor education also supports emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development in children. Furthermore, learning in nature helps students improve grades, decrease stress, and increase healthy habits. By encouraging children to move around freely and explore their environment, they are given a solid foundation to support the development of healthy, active lifestyles. Students who struggle in traditional learning environments can discover new ways to engage with their teachers and classmates and, in turn, improve cognitive development.

A rabbit hops across a field at the Outdoor Education Center.

How to Implement Outdoor Education

Camp Olympia is a great way to bring the classroom outdoors! Our Outdoor Education Center is here to help your students grow and blossom into their best selves. We want to help children of all ages explore a world they never knew existed and enhance their teamwork and leadership skills. With hands-on activities such as canoeing, gardening, team-building exercises, and so much more, kids leave our OEC with a greater sense of responsibility, community and appreciation for nature. If you’re ready for an adventurous school trip that will keep your students’ wheels turning, visit the Outdoor Education Center website or contact us for more info!