Camp Olympia at Home: How to Play Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper Video Preview

We’re sharing some of our favorite Camp activities that you can do at home with your families while practicing social distancing. We’re back with another favorite Camp Olympia game, Minesweeper! 

Where you can play: Anywhere! You can play on a flat surface outside or a large, clear floor space inside.

What you need to play: Any household items to create a grid on the floor, a piece of paper to map out the mines, and a noise maker (or just your voice!). You can make the game easier or harder by creating multiple mine maps.  

How many people can play: As many as you want! You just need one narrator and as many minesweepers as you’d like. Get the whole family to play!

How to set up the game: Lay out the household items to create a grid on the grass or floor with a clear starting and ending point. Have the narrator create a map with the correct path from start to finish that avoids the mines!

Game instructions: Minesweepers take turns navigating the grid. If they step on a “mine,” the narrator makes the “wrong” noise (whether it’s a certain word, air horn, or phone alarm sound, you choose!) and that minesweeper’s turn is over. Continue playing until someone makes it from start to finish, and create more and more difficult mine maps to up the stakes!    

How to win: Be the first to make it all the way through the grid from start to finish!

Watch the Video: