5 Things Campers Love About Camp Olympia

Over the last 50+ years, we’ve fine tuned the camp experience so that every camper goes home feeling like they had the time of their lives, but what are the top things that keep campers coming back year after year? We asked our campers what they love about Camp Olympia. Here’s what they said!

Our 45+ Activities

At Camp Olympia, campers can choose from over 45 different activities. Emphasis on choose! Unlike many camps, we create personalized activity schedules built from activities that each camper ranks prior to camp. This means they get to do what they’re interested in, build new skills and strengthen old ones. Whether it’s horseback riding, archery, golf, or wakeboarding there’s no shortage of fun.  Plus, all campers get to do hugely popular blobbing and rocketing on our lakefront with their cabins.

Counselors and Staff

You know your staff is something special when the campers consider them one of their favorite parts of camp!  Our counselors are rigorously trained and ready to help your camper grow and thrive, and with a counselor to camper ratio of 1 to 4, there’s plenty of time for mentorship from our dedicated and enthusiastic college students. Our year-round staff live and breathe camp. We spin our wheels from Fall to Spring on new fun ways to make camp an unforgettable experience.

Friends for Life

One of the MANY reasons campers return summer after summer is because of the fantastic friends they make during their session! We love opening day because we get to see camp friends reunite and catch up on what they missed throughout the year. Our campers come from all over the world, each bringing a unique perspective to our home on the shore of Lake Livingston. Events like Open House and Family Camp throughout the year allow camp friends to reconnect, so camp never truly ends. 


Just because we’re over 50 years old, doesn’t mean we’re old school. In fact, every year there are updates to our activities and facilities, but campers love those activities and special programs that make Camp Olympia one of a kind. Our most popular tradition is Spartan/Athenian— a competition between two tribes. Each day we start with a Spartan/Athenian competition and throughout camp there are larger events. Some healthy competition builds pride, confidence, and ensures everyone feels like a part of the family.

Have you registered for camp yet? Spots are filling up quick, so be sure to snag a bunk for your preferred session! 

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