What to Look for When Choosing an Overnight Summer Camp

Two young girls wearing fun face paint and smiling at summer camp.

Choosing a summer camp is a big decision! The right summer camp can become a second home for children and the source of some of their fondest childhood memories. Here’s what you should look for to make sure you’re sending your camper off to a summer camp that’s going to be the perfect fit.

Individualized Activity Schedule for Every Interest

Every camper has different interests, so they should have various activity options at camp. Camps with cookie cutter schedules, where all campers participate in the same scheduled activities, limit campers’ ability to challenge themselves by honing their own special skills or trying new things. At Camp Olympia, campers love our individualized activity scheduling, tailored to their specific interests. With over 45 activities to choose from like baseball, archery, horseback riding, and wakeboarding — there’s something for everyone at our camp! No matter what their interests are, our camp’s got ‘em covered!

Outdoor Adventure

Summer camp is all about the great outdoors, so the camp you choose should have plenty of space to roam! At Camp Olympia, we have all the action-packed excitement a camper could ever need right on the shores of beautiful Lake Livingston in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Whether your daughter is a thrill seeker who loves feeling the wind whip through her hair while ziplining through our challenge course, or your son prefers the challenge of kayaking with a friend out on the lake, we’ve got something for everyone! Plus, campers love to see the beautiful sunsets, spectacular stars, and furry woodland friends that our location provides.

Smiling young girl on a zipline at Camp Olympia

Creative Activities

While time being active is important, personal growth isn’t just about what you can do with your body, it’s also what you can do with your mind! That’s why at Camp Olympia we have tons of creative activities for our campers to try their hand at. Our arts activity choices include textile arts, photojournalism, video production, workshop, and so-O much more! Boys and girls can relax and freely express their creativity and might even uncover a hidden talent or two!

Safe Challenges That Build Confidence

Challenge builds character, and camp is a place where that growth can really be nurtured. When you find a camp that encourages campers to challenge themselves in an encouraging environment, you get back a camper that is more confident and self assured. At Camp Olympia, not only can campers challenge themselves on the high elements of the challenge course, like the climbing wall, two-person zip line, and giant 3-person swing, but they can also take on other unique camp challenges like blobbing or training puppies! Campers are encouraged to try new activities where they often discover hidden talents and newfound interests!

Join the Fun at Camp O!

Ready to start a camp tradition that lasts for years to come? Come see why we’re one of the top summer camps in Texas! Our camp is the best place to unplug, reconnect with nature, make new friends, and participate in all sorts of activities -, waterskiing, swimming, fishing, golf – you name it! And if that isn’t enough, we have plenty of jokes, songs and stories to keep a smile on the face of every boy and girl. This is your camper’s chance to make O-amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Join us at Camp Olympia! Register today to reserve your spot in the great outdoors!