Camp Olympia at Home: How to Play Koob!

We wanted to share some of our favorite Camp activities that you can do at home with your families while practicing social distancing. First up: a Camp O legendary game, Koob!

Where  you can play: Any open outdoor area like your backyard!

What you need to play: 4 batons or Koob sticks, 5 koobs, and 1 King Koob. Use any household items that will work! We used stuffed animals and tennis balls for batons, stadium cups for koobs, a crate for the King Koob.

How many people can play: Two or more, split into two teams.

How to set up the game: Set the King Koob up first. From there, walk about 5-7 paces (or adjust for the size of your yard!) away from the King Koob to set your 5 koobs down, about 3-7 paces apart. Repeat the same step for the other team’s Koobs so that the King Koob is directly in the center of your playing field.  

How to win: Two teams take turns throwing 4 batons at the opponent’s Koobs to knock them down. Once the opponents’ koobs are all down, knock down the King Koob to win the game. 

Rules and referee calls: 

  • Each team must throw behind their baseline (line of Koobs)
  • Throws must be underhand
  • If a team has knocked down Koobs, once it’s their turn, they must throw any down Koobs over the King Koob towards the other team. These are now called field Koobs. The team must knock down all of their field Koobs before aiming for the other team’s Koobs. 
  • If one toss hits two Koobs, they’re both down!
  • If you hit the King Koob before knocking down all of the other team’s Koobs, you LOSE THE GAME! Be careful!

Watch the Video!