Why Summer Camp is More Important Than Ever

Two campers and two camp counselors wearing red and blue camp colors and face paint.

Camp is a longtime summer tradition for generations of families, but now more than ever children and young adults need summer camp. Two years of a global pandemic have led to increased stress and reduced social interaction for growing children of all ages, and at Camp Olympia, we are as serious about personal growth for our campers as we are about FUN. Camp creates an environment for campers to get out of their comfort zone, make friends, and truly embrace being a kid. These are the top reasons camp can help your camper have a memorable and impactful summer!


Two campers standing on a dock on a lake line up to board a boat on a sunny day.

1. Summer Camp = Time Outdoors

Less time in front of screens and more time outside means happier children. Researchers agree that kids who play outside or even walk in nature are happier, less anxious, and more self confident. Within the first few days at Camp Olympia, we watch campers light up from the fresh air, tweeting birds, and bright sunshine. The serene setting at Lake Livingston doesn’t hurt either! There’s nothing like the first taste of freedom that campers get when they embrace the wide open spaces of Camp Olympia and finally get a chance to run, jump, swim, and play!


A group of five campers smile and laugh while bubbles float by on a sunny afternoon.

2. Camp Improves Your Child’s Social Skills

Friendships, conversation, and community all contribute to happiness. Camp fosters the opportunity to make new friends and reconnect with old ones, face obstacles in teams and as an individual, and learn from our incredible counselors! A session at Camp O gives your child an amazing opportunity to socialize and learn to read body language that isn’t coming through a screen. It’s time for campers to catch up on the face time they’ve missed and reintroduce team environments, all while having an O-mazing time!


Two campers and two camp counselors wearing red Spartan camp colors and face paint.

3. Camp Fosters Community

There’s no community like our O-mazing community! Campers become a part of a special community here. At Camp Olympia we have a decades old Spartan and Athenian tradition that promotes a deep sense of belonging and teamwork. Through Spartan and Athenian, campers learn to encourage one another and work together. It is about having fun together, not just winning!


A camper wearing a sweatband and holding a baton runs across the finish line during a race.

4. Camp Builds Self Confidence

When kids don’t have regular social interaction or challenge themselves with new experiences, self-esteem and confidence decline. Summer camp helps campers get out of their shell by putting them in a new environment. With counselors to guide them, campers learn new skills, gain new experiences, and discover a new part of themselves! Here at Camp Olympia, we often watch the same campers grow year over year from age 6-16 and we’re proud to be a part of their journey. Campers leave us having gained lifelong friendships, leadership skills, and new hobbies that will carry them boldly into early adulthood with confidence!


Four campers wearing swim trunks and nose plugs jump and bounce on a giant inflatable on a lake.

5. Camp Is Time To…Be A Kid!

These last couple of years have been a challenging time for our children. Campers come here and escape life stressors and enter an uplifting environment we call “The Positive Zone!” Here, your child only needs to focus on having fun, being themselves, and making memories with friends. With planned activities, delicious meals, and counselors to lean on, campers relax and grow at their own pace!


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