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05/25/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia Dream BigEvery year, we select a theme for the summer that guides everyone involved with camp, from year-round staff to campers, through all aspects of camp. The theme guides us from the initial camp planning stages all the way through the final closing day and serves as a daily reminder of what to focus on.

The staff members have chosen to ‘Dream Big’ as we celebrate our 45th summer! It is quite fitting that we have chosen to ‘Dream Big’ as Chris Gilbert and Corby Robertson, Jr. established Camp Olympia based on a dream to build the best camp in the world back in 1968. Their commitment to excellence in all that they do reflects directly on the growth and development of what has become a premier camping facility and program that is second to none.

Camp Olympia challenges you to Dream Big and work hard towards achieving your dreams. As this year’s theme song states, “No dream will ever be too big or small. No dream will ever be too crazy or impossible! Step out, step up and to the next level. Don’t hesitate and don’t ever settle for less than the best!”

The stage has been set for the best summer yet! Dream Big means O-mazing activities, unbelievable programs, and non-stop fun! Join Camp Olympia this summer and create unforgettable memories!

05/24/2012 12:00 PM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia HistoryHere’s a cause for celebration – Camp Olympia is set to open its gates on their 45th summer of camp! That’s a lot of history, a lot of memories and three generations of families that have been impacted.

University of Texas All-American football players, Chris Gilbert and Corby Robertson, Jr, established Camp Olympia in 1968 with a dream to build the best camp in the world. Their commitment to excellence in all that they do reflects directly on the growth and development of what has become a premier camping facility and program that is second to none.

In its first year of operation, Camp Olympia – an all boys camp – shared the summer with 86 boys. The activity choice list was quite extensive for the time and included: football, basketball, baseball, swimming, horseback, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, archery, photography, riflery, golf, arts & crafts, ecology and tennis. The facility was much more simple back then, and included 8 cabins, a dining facility, open air gym, fields and a pool.

In 1970, Camp Olympia underwent many changes including the admission of girls to the summer program. The addition of girl campers Camp Olympia Historycreated a need for new activities and facility upgrades to accommodate the needs of boys and girls. With these changes, camp began to flourish and become what it is today.

As Camp Olympia continues to establish itself as a summertime tradition for families, we have been able to maintain the favorite traditions of camp while adding new programs and activities to stay relevant to a new generation of campers. Traditional “camp” activities like horseback, canoeing, archery, and arts & crafts, are among the 40+ activities offered to campers, while ‘cutting edge’ activities such as wakeboarding, kayaking, and DVD production have been added to appeal to new generations.

Age-old camp programs such as the always-spirited Spartan/Athenian Competition, the tried and true Camp Olympia Rodeo, and the big top Carnival have solidified their place among the favorites. The traditional Camp Olympia Talent Show is sure to showcase the next star and Blue Dolphin and Little Minnow have continued to make their summer time presence at Water Carnival. New programs such as paint party, themed dances and night games keep campers on their toes and anticipating what will be next.

Camp Olympia HistoryCamp Olympia has grown to become a global camp with children from all over the world joining Texas kids for an exciting and positive camping experience. There are no other summer camping facilities or programs that can match the diversity and excellence found at Camp Olympia.

Both Chris and Corby are pleased with the history of camp, and they continue to look to the future and are committed to seeing that Camp Olympia remains a place where children can grow in body, mind and spirit.

Join Camp Olympia this summer as we ‘Dream Big’ and celebrate 45 years of fun, friends and memories!

05/18/2012 12:00 PM Posted by: Merit

Maria G.Camp Olympia welcomes Maria Grados to its full-time staff as the Waterfront Director. In her new role, Maria will oversee the extensive Waterfront program, which includes all of the lake-related activities including: wakeboarding, water skiing, paddleboarding, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. She is also leading the volunteer Camp O’Crew program and assisting with camp counselor recruitment.

Maria has been with Camp Olympia for the past three summers and has served as a Senior I Girls Counselor and Senior I Girls Lead. Maria is a recent graduate from Oral Roberts University where she earned a degree in Recreational Administration. While at Oral Roberts, Maria was a member of the Women’s Soccer Team, served as an Athletic Chairman and led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Maria is so excited about this upcoming summer and says she “cannot wait to work with an O-mazing staff and for the opportunity to make kids smile and laugh.” She has been working very hard to ensure that the Camp Olympia Waterfront program is better than ever!

Feel free to email Maria and give her a big Camp O welcome!

05/14/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Summer is around the corner and a big, but super fun task is ahead of you – getting everything packed for summer camp! Packing for camp marks the beginning of an exciting journey for your campers. Get them involved and excited for summer camp by including them in the packing process!

Below are simple guidelines and helpful tips that make packing an enjoyable process.

General Tips:

  • Footlockers - Footlockers and trunks are to be no more than 14 inches tall in order to fit underneath the camper’s bed. If you are looking to purchase a trunk for your camper we recommend going through Kangaroo Cases or C&N Footlockers. If ordering through C&N Footlockers make sure to use this promotional code: play6730L.Summer Camp Trunk
  • Packing List – Click here to access the Camp Olympia Packing List to prepare for camp. This is a recommended minimum needs list. You know your child best. Feel free to pack in a way that meets his/her needs!
  • Start Packing Early – Start packing early to avoid the last minute shopping trips or the stressful hunt to find that favorite t-shirt. Start the packing process by creating an initial inventory of the items you have at home and then fill in the missing items with new purchases. Starting early will allow you to make sure you have packed everything that is needed in plenty of time.
  • Label EVERYTHING – Label EVERYTHING (and we really mean everything) that your camper brings to camp. One look at the daily lost and found bin, and you will see why labeling is so important! Many of our campers have the same initials, so labeling with the First and Last name is often the best way to ensure items return back to your camper (and eventually back home). A permanent marker works well or purchase water-resistant labels with your camper’s name on it from Everything Summer Camp.


  • Dress Code – Pay close attention to the dress code! Policies are in place to ensure that the clothes the kids wear are appropriate for the activity and help them focus on camp and get the best experience possible.
  • Clothing – Focus less on new, stylish clothes and shoes and more on comfort. Having cool and comfortable attire is much more important.
  • Laundry – At Camp Olympia, laundry is done once during a 2-week term and twice during a 3-week term for every camper. Each cabin has a designated laundry day. On the designated day, cabins will sort their laundry according to color and material. The clothes are then picked up, washed, folded and returned to the cabin.


  • Shower Caddie - Pack all items that will be taken in the bathroom in a shower caddie. This will allow your camper an easy way toShower Caddie transport items to and from the bathroom. Shower caddies can be purchased at any major retailer such as Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner – 2-n-1 shampoo provides both shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle, which eliminates one more thing to pack and keep up with and makes shower time faster.


  • Bed Sheets - Pack two sets of sheets. This will ensure that your camper always has an extra set of sheets in the event of an accident or for general changing of the sheets midway through the term.
  • Blanket - Keep in mind that the cabins can get cold in the evenings. You can either bring one thicker blanket, such as a comforter, or two lightweight blankets.
  • Additional Bunk Items - Some campers enjoy having additional bed padding and an additional pillow for extra comfort.Towels - Make sure to pack beach towels for the pool and lake activities, as well as regular bath towels for the shower. One way to do this is designate one towel color for the pool and another color for the shower.

Camp Extras:

  • Stationery and Stamps – Rest hour is a great opportunity for campers to write notes to their family members and friends. An easy way to ensure that everyone receives a handwritten letter is to pack pre-addressed and stamped envelopes along with the Spartan Athenian Tshirtsstationary.
  • Sunscreen - All sunscreen is great, but Camp Olympia recommends spray sunscreen. It is easier for the kids to apply, making them more willing to use it.
  • Notes – As you pack your camper’s items into his/her trunks and bags, hide some fun notes throughout. This is a small surprise that will brighten your camper’s day!
  • Home Away from Home - Campers love to make their bunks feel like home! We encourage pictures, stuffed animals, books, etc.
  • Spartan/Athenian Gear - Spartan/Athenian events are a big deal at Camp Olympia. Campers like to pack lots of red (Spartans) and blue (Athenians) clothing to show camp spirit. Fun items such as bandanas, face paint, and crazy socks are worn at certain Spartan/Athenian events and can be purchased through the Camp Olympia Country Store the first day of camp, during check-in or surprise your camper with a special delivery package.

Final Steps

Once the trunk has been packed and double-checked, make it off limits to your camper until it’s time for camp. The last thing you want is for your camper to rummage through and remove items before camp only to forget to put them back in.

With the trunk packed and ready to go, your camper will be counting down the days until the start of summer camp!

05/09/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

Camp Olympia Summer Camp“What makes us special is the signature of God on our lives.” Max Lucado

Another year is underway and as I start my 41st summer with Camp Olympia it is a blessing to know that Camp Olympia has been a part of so many young lives. Over 40,000 young men and women have passed through our gates since our first year in 1968. Through the years, I have seen many changes in our young people, fads, haircuts, and of course, the internet has changed our world. There is one thing that has never changed though and that is a child’s heart.

Warren Bennis, a pioneer in Business and Leadership Studies, said, “No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders. So the point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely – all of your skills, gifts, and energies – in order to make your vision manifest.”

That is what I absolutely love about Camp Olympia is that we see youth find out who they are. They begin to see the unique design that God has placed in them. They live in a community in which they form values of what is right and wrong. They learn to see the beauty in each of their cabin mates. They get to wakeup every morning surrounded by natural beauty and see the sun rise as well as see the awesome sunsets as the day ends. Campers find talents they did not know they had. They learn they can give grace, love, respect, and encouragement to others. They learn that even in discipline that there is unconditional love.

Our theme this summer is “Dream Big.” You’re invited to “Dream Big” with us and start the ground work of what God’s signature will be on your life. God Bless! Keep Him Close By!

05/07/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

As you drive through the gates of Camp Olympia this summer, you will notice some NEW additions that have taken place across the camp grounds, as well as a couple of FUN additions to the activities!

Camp Ground Additions

Pool Bath HouseThe Pool and Point have very COOL upgrades for Summer 2012, and we mean COOL in more than one way! The Pool’s bathroom has been remodeled with air conditioning, new flooring, and an overall updated look! The Point is getting a new bathroom and will be built for summer. It will be O-mazing! Corral Gate

As you enter the K.O. Corral for a Horseback Class or the Rodeo, a BEAUTIFUL gate will greet you at the entrance! Next time you see Kathy, be sure to tell her how awesome it looks – she worked super hard on the design!

And, previously posted, the back of the O’Dome received a FLASHY makeover with the addition of a new lighting and audio system! Nightly programs at the O’Dome will never be the same!

Activity Additions

Horseback ClassThe EXCITING new sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding has been added to the Sailing activity for the Summer of 2012. Plus, paddleboarding will be available Saturday afternoons during cabin time at The Point. It is an unbelievable water activity that you have to try!

We are also welcoming our new horse, Trixie, with lots of love . . . and carrots. Trixie joins Camp Olympia’s ALL-STAR herd for horseback class and rodeo! Trixie can’t wait to meet all of her new friends at Camp Olympia!

So, Let’s Get the Summer Started! Only Three More Weeks!

All of these O-MAZING additions have us ready for the start of summer, and we can’t wait for you to experience them for yourself!

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