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04/27/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia Leadership TeamBelieve or not, Camp Olympia summer camp sessions are right around the corner and as many of you are preparing for your final days of school, the leadership team at Camp Olympia is preparing for the summer of your life!

The Camp Olympia Leadership Team consists of returning counselors who have been selected by full-time Camp Olympia staff members to lead and direct various areas of the camp. Being a member of the leadership team is a huge honor for returning counselors and a position they strive to obtain.

With the Camp Olympia Summer 2012 Theme being “Dream Big”, the stage is set for the best summer yet! Dream Big means O-mazing activities, unbelievable programs, and non-stop fun! The Camp Olympia Leadership Team, or should I say Dream Team, is busy working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every detail is in place to make the excitement happen.

Without further ado – get excited for the Dream Team 2012!

 Boys’ Camp Girls’ Camp
 J-Boys Assistant Director (AD): Nate Miller J-Girls AD: Sam Littlepage
 J-Boys Division Head (DH): Billy Emory J-Girls DH: Kayla Worley
I-Boys AD: Ray Myer
I-Girls AD: Courtney Creed
I-Boys DH: Barak Cupp /Grayson Fair
I Girls DH/Lead: Liz Mark/Blanche Schwabenland
Sr. I Boys AD: John Nickel 
Sr. I Girls AD: Colleen Peel
Sr. I Boys DH: Dean Bostwick
Sr. I Girls DH: Katie Warburton
Sr. II Boys AD: Zach Tays
Sr. II Girls AD: Jordan White
Sr. II Boys DH: Eston Klutts/Zach Vankeulen
Sr. II Girls DH Katie Jones
Total Ministries AD: Taylor Midkiff 
O’Crew AD: Carli Hogg
Golf AD: DJ Skilton
Pool Queen: Katy O’Dell
Point AD: Bobby Shunk
Program Team:
Waterski Director: Jordan Dunn
Page Soder
Videographer: David Quan
Al Piazza
Photographer: Ashley Wisnoski
Casey Copus
  Cole Lamaster

The Camp Olympia Dream Team can’t wait to see you this summer!

04/23/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Will J.Camp Olympia is excited to welcome its newest full-time staff member, Will Jamison, who will be serving as the Program Director. In his new role, Will is responsible for planning super fun programs, assisting with camper recruitment, and designing the newsletter, as well as many other things. He also helps Merit type emails to current and future camper families!

Will is a graduate of John Brown University, where he played tennis and club baseball. His love of the camping industry came about during his internship with Sky Ranch Camps where he gained experience as a member of the Program Team.

When asked what he is most exited about, Will said, “to work in a positive environment and be able to impact kids on a daily basis.” Will has been working very hard to plan O-mazing programs for the summer and has guaranteed that there will be plenty of surprises in store!

Feel free to contact Will at and welcome him to the Camp Olympia Family!

04/18/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

We have just completed a round of new inventory upload to the Camp Olympia Online Country Store. As many returning campers know, these items go fast. So, hurry up click here to visit the online store now and order your favorite Camp O gear. No lines, no waiting. Shop now!

Be sure to check back often, as we will be posting new items as we receive them!

Here is a sneak peek of some of our newer and popular items – including: t-shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, and much more.

Camp Olympia Tank
Camp Olympia Neon Tank
This tank is a great way to get into the summer fun! Neon is HOT!
Camp Olympia Minky Pajama Shorts
Minky Pajama Shorts
Super soft minky pajama shorts are a must have for the girls!
Camp Olympia Hat
Camp Olympia's "Shorty" Hat
For the guys, these popular caps will keep you cool all summer long! With 7 bright summer colors... you can pick one for each day of the week.
Camp Olympia Spartan/Athenian Necklace
Spartan/Athenian Tile Necklace
Hey girls, show your Spartan/Athenian pride all year 'round with this stylish necklace!
Camp Olympia Tshirt
Camp Olympia's Long Sleeve Shirt
Great long sleeve shirt for everyone. So, you would think that you wouldn’t need a long-sleeve shirt during the summertime, right? Well, sometimes the camp air-conditioned buildings can get pretty cool. This shirt is also popular for off-season wear.
Camp Olympia Sunglasses
Camp Olympia Sunglasses
Protect your eyes and look cool all at the same time! These stylish shades come in 10 different colors.

Don't forget to hint to your friends and family, you can post a link to the Camp Olympia Country Store with Facebook. Happy Shopping!
04/11/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

Choosing the Best Summer CampWith summer approaching, parents look ahead with eagerness to select just the right summer camp and summer activities for their kids. With so many options available, how do parents decide what will give their kids the best summer camp experience?

Camp Olympiabelieves in the positive impact a residential camp has on children. After all, summer camp is a key part of a well-rounded education as children learn responsibility and cooperation while gaining independence and self-esteem.

At Camp Olympia, we believe the key to choosing a summer camp is not to focus solely on the fun-factor (which is important), but to dig deeper to learn how staff members are hired and trained, about the camp’s safety record and camp accreditation standards, and an experience overview of the camp’s leadership team. You should also feel welcomed to tour the camp and/or visit with staff members at a local camp event, prior to the summer.

Staff Hiring and Training

Each camp has its own procedures and standards, which are not all equal, for hiring and training staff members – from camp counselors to the camp nurse. That is why it is very important to evaluate the camp’s hiring and training process.

Here are the top 5 things to think about when evaluating the camp’s hiring and training process.

  1. How does the camp recruit their camp counselors?
  2. Does the hiring process include interviews, background checks and reference checks?
  3. Does the camp provide real-life situational training such as an onsite counselor training clinic, in addition to the camp’s policy and procedures manual?
  4. What is the ratio of staff members to campers?
  5. What type of alcohol policy is in place for the staff members?

Keep in mind that the camp’s staff will be taking care of your children, while at camp. You should be invited to ask questions, so you are comfortable with who will be interacting with your children, during summer camp.

Safety Record and Accreditation Standards

In order for camps to obtain their yearly operating license, they must meet safety standards set by the state, in Camp Olympia’s case, this is the State of Texas. Many camps find it sufficient to meet state requirements only. Other camps choose to go above and beyond state requirements and voluntarily obtain accreditation through the American Camp Association (ACA). In order to become an ACA accredited camp, the camp must meet up to 300 health and safety standards. ACA Accreditation is one of the best guarantees of professionalism in camping, and it lets you know that the camp has taken the time to insure their program and site meets the strictest codes of safety and excellence for your kids.

Camp Leadership

Camp Directors are the heartbeat of any camp, so you should become familiar with their camp leadership background and experience. So, ask:

  1. What type of experiences do the Camp Directors have in camping?
  2. What type of experience and training do the Camp Directors have in working with children?
  3. What turnover of leadership has the camp experienced?

Often times a more experienced leadership staff translates into a better summer camp experience.

Visit the Camp

Due to distance, not everyone has an opportunity to tour camp facilities, however try to schedule a tour or receive an online tour of the facilities, prior to registration. If distance does not allow for an onsite tour of the camp, ask when the photos and video of the camp facilities were taken to ensure that it properly reflects the facilities. Touring the camp allows you and your child to familiarize yourself with where your child will be sleeping, the various activity areas, and an overall layout of the land. Plus, it will allow you to meet staff members and get answers to any questions you may have.

Check out to learn more about why Camp Olympia is the premier overnight Texas summer camps for boys and girls ages 6 to 16!

04/10/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia Paddle BoardingAs if 40+ activities isn’t enough to get you exited about summer camp at Camp Olympia this summer, Camp Olympia has just added another exciting activity for summer 2012…Stand Up Paddleboarding! Paddleboarding will be combined with sailing to create an unbelievable water activity that you have to try!

For those who are less familiar with this fast growing activity, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a water sport in which participants propel themselves across the lake with paddles while standing on a paddle board (it looks a lot like a wide surfboard). In other words, it’s another form of non-wave surfing! Never tried paddle boarding? Don’t worry! Camp is the perfect place to experience something new.

Check it out!

04/09/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

With summertime right around the corner (just 7 weeks away!) everyone is starting to dream SUMMER CAMP!

Camp Olympia opened its gates to more than 100 new and returning campers to its Annual Open House Carnival on Saturday, March 31 to kick off the countdown to summer and to have an O-mazing day of fun, friends and adventure!

Parents and kids had the opportunity to participate in some of the 40+ summer camp activities, meet the camp directors and camp counselors, tour the terrific facilities and enjoy a lakeside picnic lunch.

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful day:

Camp Olympia Open House
Camp Olympia Open House

Bullseye! One new camper tries archery for the first time, with the help from one of Camp Olympia’s camp counselors.

AHHHHH! The Camp Olympia giant swing, one of most popular activities, takes participants on a wild ride in the tree tops!

Camp Olympia Open House
Camp Olympia Open House

The beloved Camp Olympia mascot, Merit, a yellow lab, greets camp’s visitors. He loves to show them around camp!

Many of Camp Olympia’s first-time visitors and campers were excited at the opportunity to ride a horse. Olympia’s trained horseback riding teachers enjoy leading participants on horses through an obstacle course at the Camp Olympia K.O. Corral.

04/09/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Summer is just around the corner which means it is time to complete all of your camp paperwork! Please take time to review the below list of forms, their deadlines, and where you will find them. Remember, If we have your camper's Medical Form by the deadline your camper will be awarded 25 MERITS! In order for your camper to receive his/her cabin assignment, we must have his/her full tuition and all required forms on file.

2012 Activity Brochure April 1
Online - Forms Dashboard or

  Paper form in "The Packet"
Camper Policy Agreement
May 1
Online - Forms Dashboard
Health History
May 1
Online - Forms Dashboard
Physician's Examination
May 1
Paper form in "The Packet"
Parent Insurance Card
May 1
Paper form in "The Packet"
Permission to Attend, Release, May 1
Paper form in "The Packet"
and Indemnity
Camper Personal Information Sheet
May 1
Online - Forms Dashboard
May 1
Online - Forms Dashboard
 Special Delivery  May 1  Paper form in "The Packet"

TUITION PAYMENTS are due by May 1 - invoices will be mailed in April

How do I get to the Forms Dashboard?
The "Parent Login" link is found on the bottom right of our homepage, Once you log in to your account, you will be able to view:
Forms Dashboard - Complete forms online and print important documents for the summer.
Update Addresses/Phone Numbers - Review and update contact information.
Financial Management - Review and update your financial information for tuition and other
payments to camp.
Log In Details - Change your e-mail and address or password.

We can't wait to "DREAM BIG" with your camper this summer and guide them through an unbelievable summer experience!

04/06/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

The “Shadow of Leadership” is a phrase often used to help people understand the influence one person has on another. When you think about who has affected you the most in helping you become who you are today, you will often pay tribute to people who are extremely close to you, Mom, Dad, Teacher, etc. But when you really think it about, the traits that you are so thankful for have been passed down over many years through many generations. It is the shadows of the great leaders who have come before you that influence the lives of today.

On Palm Sunday, Christians tell the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. With the story having been told for almost 2000 years, it is obvious to realize the impact Jesus’ leadership shadow has had among our world. When learning about Jesus and how he led his life and others lives, there are 5 shadows that stick out in my mind.

1. Jesus was Authentic. He knew his beliefs and purpose and remained constant and truthful through all situations.

2. Jesus was Vulnerable. He was open and honest to everyone around him and didn’t put up a front to protect himself or a certain image he wanted to portray. Jesus allowed himself to be mocked and ridiculed in order to stay faithful to his purpose.

3. Jesus was Accepting. He embraced all walks of life.

4. Jesus was Present. He was focused on the task at hand and gave every little detail 100% of his focus and attention.

5. Jesus was Helpful. He served and helped anyone and everyone he could with love and purpose and without complaint.

It is very clear that Jesus invested in others and built shadows that have impacted centuries of people. When thinking of the life you have lived and have yet to live be mindful of the shadow that you cast and how far it can reach.

04/05/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia Nightly ProgramsGet excited Camp Olympia because Nightly Programs just got better at your favorite Texas summer camp with the addition of a new lighting and audio system at the bottom of the O-Dome! Dances and other fun nightly programs will not be the same! The lighting system includes an assortment of laser lights and special effects, plus the new sound is O-mazing. You feel like you are at an awesome concert!! Give a big Camp O welcome to even more unbelievable nightly programs!

04/04/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

Camp Olympia Junior Golf AcademyThe Camp Olympia Junior Golf Academy is so much more than just a golf clinic. It is the perfect combination of premier golf and amazing Texas summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-16. It is an experience like no other for the junior golfer.

A Day at Camp Olympia Jr. Golf Academy
For over 15 years, the academy has provided top quality golf instruction to kids who love golf. At the Camp O Jr. Golf Academy, golfers receive instruction each morning from Professional Golf Association (PGA) professionals. The instructors create a positive learning environment, using the incredible training facilities atWhispering Pines Golf Club, rated the number 1 golf course in Texas seven years running by the Dallas Morning News. Also, junior golfers have the opportunity to play Whispering Pines Golf Course on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday afternoons. After intense golf instruction in the morning, junior golfers get the opportunity to relax and have fun participating in Camp Olympia’s 40+ activities and awesome nightly programs. As with Camp Olympia’s regular campers, junior golfers select an individualized activity schedule based on their preferences. While working on their golf game, the junior golfers see noticeable improvement, make new friends and have a blast!

Jr. Golf Academy Welcomes All Golf Skill Levels
All golfing skill levels are welcomed at the Jr. Golf Academy. Golfers will be grouped according to ability, with a PGA Instructor and collegiate assistant assigned to each group. With a ratio of 1 PGA Instructor to 6 golfers, each golfer is assured individual attention. The golf instructors have years of experience, as well as the interpersonal skills, that will make the Jr. Golf Academy motivating and fun for junior golfers.

Jr. Golf Academy Partners with the Northern and Southern PGA
Camp Olympia has taken additional steps to provide quality year-round training opportunities by partnering with the Northern Texas PGA and Southern Texas PGA on their Junior Golf Tournaments. The state’s top competitors often play these tournaments at the top courses across Texas, providing a challenging environment for junior golfers to test their skills. For more information regarding these tournaments visit and

Mark Harrison, Director of Operations for Northern Texas PGA said, "If you are considering having your kids attend a camp this summer, look no further than Camp Olympia! It is fantastic! If they want to focus on golf while at camp, the Junior Golf Academy is second to none. In the morning if your kids would enjoy practicing and playing at the best course in Texas, then after lunch perhaps biking, water skiing, playing tennis and much, much, more – Camp Olympia is for them!"

The Camp Olympia Junior Golf Academy offers junior golfers the best of both worlds… amazing golf and Texas summer camp fun.
To learn more about the Camp Olympia Junior Golf Academy, visit their website at

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