Camp Olympia At Home

Meet BP the Ball Python

Brian at the Outdoor Education Center introduces BP, our resident Ball Python snake. He’s been with us for a while and is friendly! Learn about how Ball Pythons get their name, where they’re from, and a few fun facts.

Workshop with Cody

Today, we’re showing you a woodworking project, a great activity whether you’re social distancing or just inside with the family on a rainy day! Join us for workshop at home and learn how to make and play the golf tee game. All you need is a block of wood, a drill bit, some golf tees, and parental supervision!

Fishing with the Outdoor Education Center

Fishing is an easy and fun activity! All you need is a fishing pole and some bait (and some water to fish in of course!). Kim walks us through a brief fishing lesson. If you and your family try fishing this weekend, let us know what you catch!

How to Play Mine Sweeper

Watch our staff compete to win and play along with us! How to play: Make a grid on your lawn or the floor. Choose one person as the narrator who knows where the mines are, and the rest as minesweepers — see how far you can make it! Read the complete instructions

Meet Speedy the Leopard Tortoise

Kim at the Outdoor Education Center introduces Speedy, our resident leopard tortoise. He’s been in education for 30 years! Learn all about the leopard tortoise, from where they’re from, what they eat, and how they’re different from other tortoises!

Pond Study with the Outdoor Education Center

Brian, the OEC’s Director of Curriculum, teaches us about aquatics. You’ll just need to find a body of water (no matter how small!), a holding pan, and a scoop. Any household items will do!

Check In & Alumni Challenge with Cody

Another update from Cody on his hair and physical distancing. Did you do last week’s Three Things Challenge? If not, get to it! Reach out to three people and tell them three things you love about them. This week, Cody calls out alumni to join him in growing out your hair!

Meet Rocky the Bearded Dragon

Kim at the Outdoor Education Center introduces Rocky, our resident bearded dragon. Learn all about bearded dragons, from where they’re from, how they got their name, their favorite activities, and how they became cuddly pets!

Three Things Challenge with Cody

Cody checks in to share his hair growth status and reminds us to be social even while physical distancing! Here’s a homework assignment: Find three people you don’t talk to every day, and tell them 3 things to make them smile: how great they are, a favorite memory with them, anything positive!

Outdoor Education Center – Log Study

Brian McDaniel, our OE Curriculum Director, shows you how to study nature in your own backyard or local park. All you’ll need is a container with holes, a picking tool, a magnifying glass, and parent supervision of course! Look for and collect the “FBI” (fungi, bacteria, and invertebrates) of decomposers.

How to Play Pencil Snatch & Tower Down

All you need to play is seven pencils (unsharpened!) for Pencil Snatch and a few sheets of cardstock cut into squares and a plastic or styrofoam cup for Tower Down. Watch our Camp Olympia interns compete to win! Read the complete instructions

How to Play Koob

We’re sharing some favorite of our favorite Camp activities that you can do at home with your families while practicing social distancing. First up: one of our favorite games, Koob! Read the complete instructions

A Message from Cody

Hello from Cody, our Boys’ Camp Director! How is everyone doing? Even while physically distancing, we want to connect with the Camp Olympia community. Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to check in with you and share fun videos of ideas to bring the camp fun home…and Cody will grow out his hair!