What’s New at Camp

Look at all of the NEW additions to Camp O!

Camp Olympia is a unique summer camp in that it balances rich camp history and traditions from over 45 summers with the philosophy of always adding and improving to the camp experience. Each summer is better than the one before, and campers look forward to returning to camp to see what NEW and FUN elements have been added to camp. See what is new for this summer as well as what has been recently added to Olympia in the past few years!



Camp Olympia’s courts are now covered providing O-mazing lots of shade for tennis, basketball, and volleyball, plus plenty of rainy day space!  The Thunderdome has been a HUGE addition!


Merit II, the Mascot of Camp Olympia

Meet Camp Olympia’s mascot, a Yellow Labrador named Merit.  She is sweet and loves to be around all of the campers!  Camp is the perfect spot for her to run, play and swim!



Get ready for more FUN with our newest inflatables!  Camp has LOTS of inflatables perfect for our Bonanza Bash and rainy days including games for soccer, archery,  O-O, basketball, and golf, in addition to a big obstacle course and interactive playzone.  We are always looking for the next BIG addition!




Meet our newest fluffy friends!  We are so excited to have 3 alpacas (Hershey, Mallow and Graham) at our facility for our summer camp and outdoor education center programs.  We can’t wait for you to meet them!


Workshop Class

Workshop is camp’s newest activity!  Campers get to learn how to use woodworking and leatherworking tools to create something special to take home after camp.


New Fishing Spot

Camp has added another fishing spot for more fishing fun in addition to our prime fishing spot at Whispering Pines Golf Club.  This fishing pond is closer to the heart of camp, making it easier to access for our SPARK campers and various special programs.