Camp Olympia Unveils New Additions to Camp Grounds and Activity Choices

As you drive through the gates of Camp Olympia this summer, you will notice some NEW additions that have taken place across the camp grounds, as well as a couple of FUN additions to the activities!

Camp Ground Additions

The Pool and Point have very COOL upgrades for Summer 2012, and we mean COOL in more than one way! The Pool’s bathroom has been remodeled with air conditioning, new flooring, and an overall updated look! The Point is getting a new bathroom and will be built for summer. It will be O-mazing!

As you enter the K.O. Corral for a Horseback Class or the Rodeo, a BEAUTIFUL gate will greet you at the entrance! Next time you see Kathy, be sure to tell her how awesome it looks – she worked super hard on the design!

And, previously posted, the back of the O’Dome received a FLASHY makeover with the addition of a new lighting and audio system! Nightly programs at the O’Dome will never be the same!

Activity Additions

The EXCITING new sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding has been added to the Sailing activity for the Summer of 2012. Plus, paddleboarding will be available Saturday afternoons during cabin time at The Point. It is an unbelievable water activity that you have to try!

We are also welcoming our new horse, Trixie, with lots of love . . . and carrots. Trixie joins Camp Olympia’s ALL-STAR herd for horseback class and rodeo! Trixie can’t wait to meet all of her new friends at Camp Olympia!

So, Let’s Get the Summer Started! Only Three More Weeks!

All of these O-MAZING additions have us ready for the start of summer, and we can’t wait for you to experience them for yourself!