At Camp Olympia, campers can choose from over 40 different activities. Prior to arrival at camp, campers rank our activities and based on those rankings, we develop each camper’s individualized schedule of ten, 40 minute daily activities. Each activity is taught by counselors with those specific activity skills.

  • Blobbing A long-time tradition at Olympia, blobbing is definitely a highlight for many campers! Blobbing is jumping from a platform and landing on a large inflatable (called a Blob), which is floating on the lake and anchored in position. At camp, we have two blobs for double the fun!
  • Canoeing In canoeing class, campers enjoy paddling out on Lake Livingston. Canoeing is a great team exercise, with campers learning to work together to row. In addition to standard sized canoes, Olympia has two 34' Voyager Canoes that can hold entire cabins at once!
  • Diving Make a splash in our pool! Learn a new dive! In diving class, campers have the opportunity to dive off our diving board and our platform at the pool. Many campers have learned to dive for the first time at Olympia!
  • Kayaking Kayaking was introduced at Olympia in 2005 and has become one of our most popular activities. Kayakers enjoy paddling together on Lake Livingston.
  • Rocketing Campers LOVE rocketing! Rockets, which are large inflatables pulled behind the boats, can hold up to 10 people at a time, so campers get to share in the excitement of this lake activity together. Hang on for an exciting ride!
  • Sailing See camp by sailboat! Campers love sailing from our Point on Lake Livingston. In sailing class, campers are taught the parts of the boats, various knots, and sailing techniques. It is a great time for campers to relax and bond together out on the water. Plus, Paddleboarding has been added to sailing class for 2012 for another fun experience on the lake.
  • Snorkeling Snorkeling at the pool is fun and refreshing. Campers learn about snorkeling equipment and use it to find "treasures" in the pool.
  • Swimming Lessons Olympia believes in the importance of every campers being a capable swimmer, and as a result, swimming lessons are required for campers ages 7-9 and optional for campers 10-16. Campers learn swim strokes and pool safety.
  • Wakeboarding Wakeboarding has quickly become the most popular activity at Camp Olympia. With Olympia's 8 competition ski boats, campers of all skill levels have a blast Wakeboarding on Lake Livingston. In Wakeboarding class, campers also have the opportunity to slalom, water ski, and kneeboard.
  • Water Sliding Our 100 foot water slide at The Point is a thrill! Campers climb a staircase and slide into the lake. Plus, the pool has a long slide for campers to enjoy too.
  • Waterskiing Through the years, Water Skiing has been a favorite activity with hundreds of campers learning how to Water Ski for the first time at Olympia. Olympia utilizes 8 competition ski boats to teach campers the proper techniques of skiing. In Water Ski class, once two skis are mastered, campers will also receive instruction on slaloming. Additionally, campers may also have the opportunity to try wakeboarding and kneeboarding during Water Ski class.
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