Non-Stop Camp Excitement!

At Camp Olympia, we’re having fun from morning to night! Days are filled with camp activities that campers love because at Camp Olympia, campers get to CHOOSE from over 45 different daily activities ranging from wakeboarding to golf to horseback riding! There is something for everyone at Camp Olympia!

Prior to arriving at camp, campers rank their favorite activities and from those rankings, we develop an INDIVIDUALIZED CAMP ACTIVITY SCHEDULE for each camper. This guarantees that campers get to do the things that they want to do! When campers arrive at camp, they receive their camp activity schedule, which contains ten, 40-minute activity periods. Each activity is taught by counselors that that not only  focus on teaching these activity skills, but teaching them in a fun way. 

The fun does not stop there! In addition to all of the O-mazing camp activities, campers love the exciting Spartan/Athenian competition and all of the unforgettable Nightly Programs. Plus, Camp Olympia offers 16 year old teens an unforgettable summer camp experience with its Camp Leadership Program (CLP).

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