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Nick Deckert has been with the Olympia family for years since working his first summer in 2013, joining as a year-round Assistant Director in 2017.  Nick has held many different roles and Camp over the years but now focuses on our Retreats.  As our Retreats Director and Account Manager, he handles the booking of all weekend/weekday retreat groups that use our facility throughout the school year.  While during the summer months he still has his attention on retreats, he oversees our 16-year old CLP (Camp Leadership Program) and 17-year old O’Crew (Olympia Crew) program.

Nick spent his entire childhood in Florida growing up immersed in the baseball life always competing with his twin brother.  He went on to play collegiate baseball at Florida Gulf Coast University and graduated in 2015. Wings Up! He was brought out to camp in the summer of 2013 and hasn’t missed a summer since.  After graduating, he decided to spend his summer at Camp and stay out in Texas to participate in the Internship program here at Olympia.  The year after he interned, he worked as an Associate Outdoor Instructor with the Houston Independent School District Outdoor Education Center, which, at the time, was partnered with Camp Olympia and used our facilities, and loved every minute of it.  A year later, he found himself back with Olympia as he was hired on as a Full Time Assistant Director and he hasn’t turned back since.

Growing up in the world of baseball, he was passionate about the game and had aspirations to be one of the greatest but as he played his whole life, he began to see to see there was more out there.  Coming to Olympia changed his life for the better and his desires quickly changed.  You can hear the love and passion he has for camp in his voice and through his actions by the way he handles his different roles.  Nick loves Olympia, but his love for his dogs and college football come in at a close second. The Florida State Seminoles hold a special place in his heart and if you get the chance to be around him during any sort of game, you will surely notice that love, or as some might say, an obsession.

Nick is married to Madison Deckert. The two met at Camp Olympia in the summer of 2013 and have been friends and growing their relationship ever since.  When not working, you can find these two spending their time with their two pups, Cooper and Sammy, hanging out with Nick’s twin brother and his wife, or exploring the outdoors and good food.

If you are interested in hosting a retreat with us, visit our website, send Nick and email, or give him a call at 936-594-2541.


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