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Madison Deckert, recently changed from Madison Hann, has been a part of the Camp Olympia family for a long time.  She started as a camper at the age of seven, participated in the Camp Leadership Program, volunteered as part of our O’Crew, and worked as a junior counselor, counselor, program team, division head, and summer assistant director.  Madison worked here all throughout her college years but took the summer she graduated from Texas A&M and spent time in the mountains of Colorado working as a Wilderness Guide. After that summer, she found herself back at Olympia working in the Internship Program here and preparing for another wonderful summer as a summer assistant director but that quickly changed when we asked her to join our Year-Round Team as an Assistant Director in the Summer of 2018.  Madison has held many different roles in her time here but as of now, she oversees our Camp Leadership Program for 16 year-olds, the pool and all its’ activities, transportation, assists with social media and marketing for Camp and all of its’ platforms, photos throughout the summer (waldo), and more!

Growing up at camp, Madison found herself passionate about Olympia and all that it did for her and her life.  She will tell you; she was the kid who had a paper chain counting down the days until the next summer while having the camp CD in her mom’s mini van on repeat all year long.  In college, she wouldn’t stop harassing her friends until they applied to work summers at the place she loved so much and see for themselves why this place changes lives.  Her contagious spirit about Camp and how this place and the staff make you feel confident in being 100% yourself is why she and others can’t stay away.

Madison recently got married to one of our other Assistant Directors, Nick Deckert. The two met at Camp Olympia in the summer of 2013 and have been friends and growing their relationship ever since.  When not working, you can find these two spending their time with their two dogs, Cooper and Sammy, hanging out with Nick’s twin brother and his wife, or exploring the outdoors and good food.  She loves the outdoors and when given the chance, will plan any vacation to see or explore new places.  She also loves sports and might be a little competitive so if you start a game with her… you’ve been warned.

If you would like to contact Madison, feel free to send her an email or give her a call at 936-594-2541!


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