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Jordan Jefferys is well versed in all things Olympia considering she has been here every summer since she was just 10 years old!  After growing up as a camper and participating in the Camp Leadership Program, she couldn’t imagine her life without Olympia.  For a place that meant so much to her all her life, she was ready to give back to it.  Jordan volunteered with the O’Crew program and then became a counselor working in many different leadership roles throughout college and graduate school.  She had always had working at Camp full time as a dream but didn’t know exactly how that would work out wanting to go into the business/accounting world.  Then one day, her dreams came true and in 2019, Jordan became our Billing Manager.  Since then, she has taken on more responsibilities and her position has morphed into a Full-Time Assistant Director overseeing billing, merit parties, activity scheduling, and alumni relations.

One of many of Jordan’s drive and purpose behind her everyday work is to allow others to have similar opportunities that camp has been able to give her.  The many life lessons she has learned throughout the years has fueled her passion for Olympia.  From camper to staff member, Jordan believes that Camp is a safe place to learn and grow and that is why she wants to share Olympia with others.

Jordan, a two-time graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, she loved being involved and giving back to the Lumberjacks.  When not at work, Jordan can be found spending time with her family and friends, country western dancing, or enjoying country music artists and their concerts.  She is a social butterfly and loves when camps’ gates are full of people!

If you have questions about anything Jordan does around camp or need help, feel free to give her a call at 936-594-2541 or send her an email!


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