COVID Prevention Plan Summer 2022

(Updated 5/10/22)

The health and safety of our campers and staff will always be our #1 priority.

We continue to study the best practices for preventing COVID here at camp.  The American Camping Association (ACA), Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), and Texas Department of State Health Services have provided numerous resources, webinars and guides to assist camps in running a successful and healthy summer, and we encourage our camp families to learn from them as well.  While we all are ready for everything to return to pre-COVID “normal”, we still must take COVID precautions.

Below is our current COVID Prevention Plan for the 2022 summer.  We are asking our camper families to partner with us in helping create the healthiest environment we can.  We want to do our best to keep COVID out of camp as well as implement best practices for reducing the spread of COVID should it find its way into camp.  Please recognize that components of this plan may continue to evolve throughout summer and leading up to your session at camp. COVID continues to be a fluid situation, and state/federal recommendations continue to change recommendations.

COVID Prevention Plan

Air Purification – Camp has invested in air purification systems (Reme Halo) for the main buildings and cabins with central air conditioning.  Other cabins with wall unit air conditioning have air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV lights.

Vaccinations – A vaccinated camp community better protects those within the community.  Camp Olympia strongly encourages its campers and staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID .  Please note, however, it is not mandatory for campers or staff to receive the COVID vaccine to attend camp this summer.

It is NOT recommended to schedule a vaccine appointment within 48 hours of the start of camp due to the possibility of side effects from the vaccine which could be interpreted as COVID symptoms.

Social Distancing Prior to camp, we ask that your camper avoids indoor social gatherings, where social distancing cannot occur, for 7 days.  If indoor, face-to-face interaction with individuals outside your household is necessary (ex. attending school), physical distancing is requested.

Testing – COVID testing remains a key component to our overall prevention plan.

    • Camp requires *all campers and counselors to take a SAME-DAY RAPID COVID ANTIGEN TEST taken on opening day prior to arrival and have proof of a negative result in hand upon arrival to camp.  Please note that the COVID test should be taken the day of your arrival day to most currently detect the presence of COVID-19.
    • Submit proof of your camper’s negative COVID test result by taking a photo of the negative test result and uploading a copy with the online form labeled “COVID-19 Latest Test Result” within your online Parent Account.
      • *Anyone who has tested positive for COVID and fully recovered within 90 days of the start of the camp session can provide proof of the date of the positive COVID test in lieu of a new negative test result.  This proof should be uploaded as the “COVID-19 Latest Test Result” within your online Parent Account.
    • Camp plans to have rapid antigen COVID tests available on site should the need occur to test anyone. During camp, any campers or staff who exhibit multiple COVID symptoms must quarantine and will be required to be COVID tested.  If your camper requires testing, you will be contacted.  Any camper who tests positive to the rapid antigen COVID test will be required to follow up with a PCR test.  If the PCR test is positive, the camper will be required to be picked up from camp immediately.
    • If someone in your camper’s cabin tests positive for COVID, everyone in the cabin will be tested with CDC recommended quarantine steps followed.
    • All camp families will be notified if there is a PCR-confirmed, COVID positive case at camp.

Health Screenings– Upon arrival at camp, each camper and counselor will go through a health screening with a temperature check.  Additionally, each camper and counselor will have a daily health screening.

Cleaning Measures – Camp will continue to use an EPA approved, commercial-grade cleaning agent that kills bacteria and viruses in addition to our standard daily cleaning practices.

    • Cabins and bathrooms will be sprayed daily.
    • Sports equipment throughout camp will be cleaned routinely.
    • Frequently touched objects and surfaces (such as doorknobs, railings, etc.) with special emphasis on the high-traffic, high-touch areas of camp will be cleaned routinely.
    • Camper and staff belongings will be sprayed prior to moving into the cabin.

Handwashing – Proper and frequent handwashing with soap and water will be emphasized.  Additionally, there are hand sanitizer stations at the cabins, main buildings and activity areas throughout camp.

Masks/Face Covering – Masks/face coverings will be optional for campers and staff.  Campers and staff alike will not be required to wear a face covering (mask or buff) unless adhering to CDC precautions regarding a positive test result or exposure to a positive case.  It is recommended, not mandatory, for non-vaccinated campers and staff to wear a mask indoors.  Due to heat, it is not recommended for campers or staff to wear masks outdoors during physical activity. Also, for safety concerns, masks are not to be worn during water activities. For those opting to wear masks, a minimum of one disposable mask per day is recommended.

Transportation – We will NOT be offering bus transportation for pick up or drop off this summer from the airport as well as our other Houston/The Woodlands area pick-up locations.  All campers must be driven to camp by parents/guardians this year.  If you have a camper who lives out of state or country and requires flying in to attend camp, we ask that your camper wears a N95 mask while traveling.

Leaving Camp/Returning to Camp – In the past, we have worked as best as we can with families to accommodate scheduling conflicts during camp.  This summer, however, we will be unable to allow campers to leave and return during a term in an effort to protect our “camp bubble”.

If you have any questions about our plan, feel free to reach out via email at or phone 936-594-2541, and we will be happy to talk to you.

Now more than ever, kids need to be outside, have fun and connect with others.  We are ready to make that happen at camp.  We can’t wait for summer camp and for you to be a part of it!