Each day starts with Spartan/Athenian, a camp tradition that is a favorite of many campers. This part of our program builds a spirit of friendly competition, teamwork and leadership. Camp is divided into two tribes, Spartan (red team) and Athenian (blue team) with daily competition for boys' camp and girls' camp. Not only does this build pride in your tribe but also pride in Camp Olympia. Special activities include the track and field meet/swim meet, all camp marathon and the culmination of the games with relay day. Campers will find out the first night of camp which tribe is their tribe! Campers will be placed in the same tribe as their parents or siblings, if they, too, attended Olympia.

  • Daily Competition What a great way to start off the day at camp! Campers will be part of a team and compete with other campers their age in a variety of fun games from water polo to sand soccer to broom hockey. Several of the daily competition games are unique to Olympia, and strategy is key! Counselors from different age groups coach each team, and their enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Big Events Spartan/Athenian big events are O-MAZING! Many of our campers tell us that it is their favorite part of camp. These big events, such as our Relay Day, Marathon, Track & Swim Meet, involve each camper’s participation with the goal of earning points for their tribe. Every team member’s effort counts! Each tribe’s Counselor Chief and Chieftess lead the way, and team spirit is everywhere!
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