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07/17/2018 03:27 PM Posted by: Camp O

Camp Olympia is excited to announce its new Outdoor Education Center (OEC) at Camp Olympia to serve various grade levels at public, private, and charter schools, as well as homeschool organizations throughout Texas for the 2018-2019 school year. Its 100+ acre private facility utilizes the beautiful Lake Livingston shoreline and diverse forest trails to provide students with an exceptional natural classroom.

Outdoor Education Center

Al Bartell, Program Advisor to the OEC at Camp Olympia, describes, "As a teacher this is the greatest place to teach because we teach for the moment. If we see an eagle eating a fish, we explore the food chain. If we come across a rotting log, we observe decomposition. If we cross a gully, we examine erosion. That is the beauty of this place.”

Camp Olympia has been operating its award-winning summer camp for over 50 years and was partnered with Houston ISD to provide outstanding outdoor education from 1977-2018. Students and teachers can enjoy the same high quality, hands-on, outdoor education experience formerly provided exclusively to HISD students. The experienced staff will facilitate authentic interactions with the natural ecosystems and work with your school to create a program tailored to your specific needs and grade level.

Kim Williams, Administrative Director of the OEC at Camp Olympia, explains, "When students come here to explore, it is opening a door to a world they didn’t realize existed. Watching them connect the dots from how the quality of the ecosystem can affect us all, on a daily basis, is exciting. You see them connecting themselves into the global community with a global responsibility.”

Schools can choose from activities such as Forest Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Fishing, Canoeing, Geology, Conservation, Teambuilding, Orienteering, High Ropes, Gardening, Texas History, Horseback, Astronomy, First Tee Golf, and Archery. The Outdoor Education Center curriculum is carefully aligned with the Texas TEKS to support academic achievement and can be customized for local goals as well.

Al Bartell continues, "We believe in letting the forest and the trees do the teaching. All we have to do is guide the students to ask their own authentic questions and guide them to discover the answers on their own through observation and investigation. That’s science in its purest form.”

To learn more and reserve your school’s next outdoor experience at Camp Olympia, please visit or contact the OEC office via or 936-594-7074.

11/10/2017 10:31 AM Posted by: Camp O

Each summer, Camp Olympia has a new theme, and the theme for Camp Olympia’s 51st summer is "UNPLUGGED to make a REAL Connection.”

The term "unplugged” has many meanings in this day and age. At Olympia, we are "unplugged” in many ways from the pressures of the outside world, and we affectionately call this the "Camp Bubble”. It is the protective and freeing feeling that you get when you are here and the way that camp exists in a space and time that seems separate from the outside distractions of the world. Unplugged "plugs” right into that way of thinking. It is a chance to literally unplug from the devices that so often control our lives: the televisions, the gaming consoles, and the cell phones (the cell signal out here is so bad it nearly forces you to be "unplugged” anyway). There is also an opportunity to figuratively unplug from the everyday stresses and pressures of being a kid and college student.

Unplugged to make a real connection

But you might ask yourself if Olympia is so unplugged, from where will you draw "power” and how will you be "connected”? The power of being unplugged at camp comes from the relationships, growth and fun you have while here; time spent without those things we might call essentials in everyday life. The REAL Connections we make here are made possible by the absence of screens and the increase in face-to-face time (not Facetime). Connections are made in the walks to and from activities, eating in the chow hall, enjoying time with friends in the cabin, and singing your heart out to Journey at one of our many camp dances. While these connections are not necessarily uncommon outside of camp, there is something special about throwing inhibitions away and pausing the commotion of the rest of life when you drive through the front gates of Camp Olympia and enter the "Camp Bubble”. As a former counselor, it was liberating to get away from the Facebook and Twitter feeds during the summer. It was refreshing to have the soundtrack of your weeks be a Ross King theme song and the camp sounds of laughter and chow hall yells. Listening to the cheers of the Spartan/Athenian competition, the sounds of joy emanating from the lakefront, or whatever crazy song the wake-up show had on (not to mention all of the natural sounds of the birds, bullfrogs and crickets) seems to be the best noise there is. And I assure you, catching a Camp Olympia Talent Show is far more gratifying than any "America’s Got Talent” or "Dancing with the Stars” episode. The realness of the camp atmosphere is the best part. It allows us to plug into the things that really matter; the relationships, the friendships, and the memories that will last much longer than any cell phone battery will. Ask a counselor during their fall semester following a summer here at camp; better yet, ask their friends who weren’t there just how much camp has become a topic of conversation in everyday life. Ask a former counselor who now has the steady 9-5 job if they have ever looked out their window on a summer afternoon and thought to themselves, "4th period activity is about to start” and "Isn’t Rodeo tonight?” Camp Olympia memories and friendships are special and the connections made in a summer can last a lifetime.

As we all know the summer camp terms don’t last forever and the summer does in fact end, yet somehow the draw of getting "unplugged” becomes even more powerful each year. We hope that this summer we have more campers and counselors than ever before come to Camp Olympia to get "UNPLUGGED to make a REAL CONNECTION!”

Register Now!

08/01/2017 09:46 AM Posted by: Camp O

Sleepaway camp is an iconic part of summertime in America. In fact, sleepaway camps are popping up for kids, and even adults, in every nook and cranny of the country. The travel experts at Canada’s leading online global travel agency, Flight Network, have noticed a trend in the growth of summer camps across the U.S., and it set them on a mission to find the best of the best.

Flight Network’s goal was to create a list of the camps that continue to stand above the rest, so parents and kids can make the most of their summer adventures. We were excited to find Camp Olympia on their list titled, This Summer’s 22 Most Amazing Sleepaway Camps in the U.S.

"You know what they say — everything is bigger in Texas. And in the case of Camp Olympia, an overnight hideaway located on the brisk shores of Lake Livingston, the same idea applies,” Flight Network stated.

The article went on to praise Camp Olympia for offering more than 45 activities that campers can choose to engage in during their stay, from horseback riding to water skiing and so much more. The writer mentioned our vast campgrounds of private land, which includes a swimming pool, archery field, challenge course and athletic courts for every interest. We couldn’t agree with the travel experts at Flight Network more. Camp Olympia truly does do everything the Texas way -- a whole lot bigger.

04/14/2015 08:00 AM Posted by: Camp O


Only Traditional Summer Camp in Texas to be Honored

TRINITY, TX - Camp Olympia has been selected as one of the Top 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids by the Early Childhood Education Zone, the go-to site for early childhood education information.

The 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

"We are honored to receive this recognition, alongside so many other impactful and amazing summer camps in the United States.” Said Tommy Ferguson, Director of Camp Olympia. He went on to say, "While we place a great focus on providing a fun, safe and engaging atmosphere, we are very proud to receive a status recognizing character and value development.”

With over 40 activity choices offered ranging from wakeboarding to golf to horseback riding, Camp Olympia is the #1 and only traditional Texas summer camp to make this prestigious list. "Our activities are fun and build self-confidence. Campers often try activities that are new to them and discover they have a new talent,” stated Mr. Ferguson.

This is the second "Top 50” award received in the past year, also ranking as the #1 and only Texas Summer Camp on the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S. list, published on Top Education Degrees.

Learn more about the Camp Olympia Experience, activities and programs, or 2015 summer term dates.

About Camp Olympia

Established in 1968, Camp Olympia is an overnight Texas summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-16 located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas: conveniently located just 100 miles north of Houston and close for families living in Sugar Land, Kingwood, Beaumont, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas or those flying into Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. Camp Olympia campers choose from over 40 camp activities, ranging from waterskiing to golf to horseback riding, so they participate in activities that interest them. Accredited by the American Camping Association, Camp Olympia focus on building character and values by teaching responsibility and cooperation. The veteran full-time camp leaders, with over 40 years of experience, and a dynamic group of college counselors serve as positive role models for campers. Camp Olympia is dedicated to having fun together, helping people grow in body, mind and spirit.

For more information, please contact:
Debbie Stubblefield

To see the full press release from Early Childhood Education Zone, please click here.

05/11/2014 08:00 AM Posted by: Camp O


Independent Researcher of Education Degree Programs Publishes the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S.

TRINITY, Texas – Camp Olympia, a premier Texas summer camp for boys, girls and teens ages 6 to 16 located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas, was recently published on the Top Education Degrees blog as the number 1 and only Texas Summer Camp and 17th of the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S. Read more here.

"It is such an honor for Camp Olympia to be listed among the most amazing summer camps in the United States. The article did a great job highlighting what makes Camp Olympia special: our fabulous founders Corby Robertson, Jr. and Chris Gilbert, both noted as All-American football stars; our open lakeside location on beautiful Lake Livingston; our water sports, horseback riding, arts program, and Junior Golf Academy”, said Tommy Ferguson, co-director of Camp Olympia.

Camp Olympia offers four camp sessions a year. For 2014, the following camp terms are offered:

  • Term 1 (two weeks) – June 8 to June 21, 2014
  • Term 2 (three weeks) – June 22 to July 12, 2014
  • Term 3 (three weeks) – July 13 to August 2, 2014
  • Term 4 (two weeks) – August 3 to August 16, 2014

Camp Olympia has added many new and exciting features, such as a 2-person zip line and mini golf course, for the 2014 summer to celebrate is theme of "Destination FUN!” Also for the first time, the camp’s Term 2: June 22 to July 12, 2014 will be celebrating the Fourth of July with an all new Color the Fourth festivities including games, parade and fireworks.

Due to a high return rate of campers, Camp Olympia’s summer sessions book quickly. Interested campers and parents can schedule a camp tour by visiting the Camp Olympia website at to talk to a Camp Olympia staff member call toll-free at +1 (800) 735-6190. Online registration is also available by visiting the website at

About Camp Olympia

Established in 1968, Camp Olympia is an overnight Texas summer camp for boys and girls located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas; conveniently located just 100 miles north of Houston and close for families living in Sugar Land, Kingwood, Beaumont, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas or those flying into Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. Camp Olympia campers choose from over 40 camp activities, ranging from waterskiing to golf to horseback riding, so they participate in activities that interest them. Accredited by the American Camping Association, Camp Olympia focuses on building character and values by teaching responsibility and cooperation. The veteran full-time camp leaders, with over 30 years of experience, and a dynamic group of college counselors serve as positive role models for campers. Camp Olympia is dedicated to having fun together, helping people grow in body, mind and spirit.

Press Inquiries Contact:
Tommy Ferguson

05/08/2014 01:47 PM Posted by: Camp O

Only 18 days until Term 1 Starts on June 8.

That's right, school is almost out and summer is almost here.

Get ready for camp, check out the cool new stuff we have in the Country Store: Spartan and Athenian Shirts, Tanks, Pillowcases, Belts, Caps, and so much more.

You can also pre-order care packages for your camper to be delivered during their term.

Visit the Camp O Country Store


01/02/2014 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
2014 What's New at Camp O
Camp Olympia is making a BIG SPLASH for the Summer of 2014.

We will be posting pictures, as soon as they are available.  You will love the new WATER BALLOON LAUNCH STATIONS and AQUA REVOLUTION with a series of water inflatables an slides.  We are also getting PADDLE BOATS and WATER LOGS.  Lots of ways to cool off this summer.

We are also planning a huge July 4th Bash for Session 2.

Happy New Year from your friends at Camp Olympia!

11/12/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
The Camp Olympia Boys' Camp Director, Cody Mauldin, hand-delivered a check for $4,011 to Briarwood Elementary Principal and Camp Olympia counselor alumnus, Shelley Jacques-McMillin.

Camp Olympia Campers earn merits for their good deeds, and they can choose to give a portion of those earned merits to the Camp Olympia Philanthropy Club. Each year, the Camp O Philanthropy Club makes a donation to a worthwhile charity for children. Kids helping kids... it is O-mazing! See the video:

10/31/2013 11:27 AM Posted by: Camp O
Camp Olympia Cabins

These cabins are the biggest ever at Camp Olympia, and they are now ready to use! 

The new cabin cluster has four cabins with indoor bathrooms and two meeting rooms. 

The names of the cabins are Lara, Rhea, Callisto and Hestia, with the meeting rooms named Ithaca and Crete.  The new cluster is in the girls’ camp area and overlooks the baseball field and has a great lake view. 

Girls camp will use the new cabin grouping for Summer 2014!

10/28/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
The Spirit Golf Tournament Camp Olympia

by Corbin Robertson, Jr. in 2001, this is the 7th Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship at the Whispering Pines Golf Club, ranked the #1 golf course in Texas for a record-setting 8th straight time. This is the same golf club that is home to our Camp Olympia Jr. Golf Academy.

Prior winners at The Spirit include now, pro-golfers: Lorena Ochoa, Paula Creamer, Martin Kaymer and Brandt Snedeker.

What is the Spirit?

The Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship is a world class golf event. It features the world's best amateur men and amateur women golfers as they represent their respective country in team and individual competitions. The 80 participants, two male and two female golf amateurs, from 20 countries spanning six continents enjoy a premier sporting event experience from the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, international village to competing for gold medals.

Invitation Guidelines:
The field of countries is limited to 20 teams (each team is comprised of two men and two women golfers). Twenty country teams are invited based on the men and women's combined results from the most recent World Amateur Team Championships.

Team Selection:
Each invited country assembles their best available amateur men and women golfers (two each). All players must be official citizens of their country. Each country's National Golf Association/Federation establishes its own selection criteria. However, national champions, finalists or top ranked players are the majority of participants. (76) National Amateur Champions participated in The 2009 Spirit.

Format of Play:
72 holes of best ball competition, five separate competitions are conducted: International Team (combined best ball of the Men's and Women's teams), Men's Team, Women's Team, Men's Individual, and Women's Individual. Gold, Silver and Bronze commemorative medals are awarded to the top three places in each competition.

Player Accommodations:
Camp Olympia, a nationally acclaimed youth camp located adjacent to Whispering Pines Golf Club provides accommodations for all Spirit participants. Camp Olympia is themed as an international village where participants enjoy lodging, meals and a wide variety of entertainment each evening.

08/09/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Name: Andrew Ginty

School: Texas A&M

Major: History with Business Minor

Hometown: Houston, TX

Years at camp: 13

Position at camp: Junior Boys Division Head

Favorite camp tradition: Spartan & Athenian Competition

Favorite Camp Activities: Lacrosse

Favorite Camp Food: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans

Favorite Hobbies: Frisbee, Lacrosse, Listening to Music and Catching Football

Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Costume Day: Major League Monday

Fun Fact: I lived in Hong Kong for two years when I was younger.

07/18/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Camp Olympia Counselor Spotlight Emily PluhowskiName: Emily Pluhowski

School: Bayloir University

Major: English, with a double minor in Spanish and Journalism

Hometown: Kingwood, TX

Years at camp: 13

Position at camp: Junior Girl Division Head

Favorite camp tradition: Carnival… it’s really fun to see everyone dressed up and I love being able to hang out with everyone at once.

Favorite Camp Activities: Kayaking, Archery, Wakeboard are all my favorites

Favorite Camp Food: Crispitos

Favorite Hobbies: Being involved in Pi Phi, Photography, Reading, Writing, Running, and Baking 

Favorite Movies: O Brother Where Art Thou?, Pride & Prejudice, Love Actually

Favorite Costume Day: Twinsday Wednesday

Fun Fact: I have one blue eye and one green eye 

06/18/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Camp Olympia Counselor Spotlight Parker TennetName: Parker Tennet

School: ACU (Abilene Christian University)

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Houston, TX

Years at camp: 12

Position at camp: Senior 1 Lead Counselor (Athenian Chief)

Favorite camp tradition: Spartan Athenian Rope Burn

Favorite Camp Activity: Wakeboarding

Favorite Camp Food: Crispitos

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Lacrosse, Video Games, Snow Boarding, Fishing & Hunting

Favorite Movle: The Hobbit

Favorite Costume Day: Twinsday Wednesday

Fun Fact: Parker can whistle three different way

06/03/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
Whispering Pines Golf Club, the highly touted philanthropic private club near Trinity, unveiled its new short course on June 1, 2013 to rave reviews.

The new 9-hole short course will be used by the Camp Olympia Jr. Golf Academy campers this summer.

The course is named "The Needler" was designed
for a tournament conducted by Camp Olympia co-founder and Whispering Pines founder Corby Robertson, Jr. 

Chet Williams designed the new 9-hole course at Whispering Pines, as well as the original 18-hole course.  He was Inspired by the par-3 courses at Augusta National and Pine Valley, the course has multiple sets of tees and can be played in any configuration. Holes range in length from 68 to 312 yards. It includes a double green that's almost 100 yards wide and encompasses 28,000 square feet with "plenty of buried elephants."

Whispering Pines 9 Hole Short Course The Needler

The course also yielded its first hole-in-one over the weekend when Randy Collins, who was part of the construction crew, holed out on No. 9.

"I wanted a course that everyone could enjoy," Robertson said. "This course is meant to share good times."

About Whispering Pines Golf Course
Whispering Pines, ranked No. 1 in the state by the Dallas Morning News, is the host course for the biennial Spirit Invitational, which features the best amateur players in the world. This year's event will be Oct. 27-Nov. 3.

About Camp Olympia Jr. Golf Academy
The Camp Olympia Junior Golf Academy is much more than just a golf clinic. It is the perfect combination of premier golf and amazing summer camp for children ages 6 -16. It is an experience like no other for the junior golfer. For over 15 years, the academy has provided top quality golf instruction to youth. At the Camp Olympia Junior Golf Academy, junior golfers practice and play at the stunning Whispering Pines Golf Course, rated the #1 golf course in Texas seven years straight by the Dallas Morning News. Tucked away in Trinity, Texas, Camp Olympia and Whispering Pines Golf Club are approximately 90 miles north of Houston. At the academy, golfers will receive PGA instruction at a ratio of 1 instructor to every 6 golfers. All skill levels are welcome. While working on their game, the junior golfers see noticeable improvement, make new friends and have a blast!

04/24/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

The Camp Olympia 2013 Leadership Team met to discuss plans for the 2013 summer session.  Several played softball, while the rest cheered them on.

Here is the lineup:


Point and Waterski
Jordan Dunn, Texas A&M University

Kyle Byrne, Texas A&M University - Graduate

Zach Tays, Oklahoma State University - Graduate

David Quan, University of North Texas - Graduate

Liz Mark, TCU
Page Soder, Stephen F Austin


AD - Eston Klutts, University of the Ozarks
DH - Andrew Ginty, Texas A&M University

AD - Grayson Fair, University of North Texas
DH - Kevin Baxter, Texas A&M University
Lead - Wilson Vier, Texas A&M University

Senior I-Boys
AD1 - John Nickel, Oklahoma State University - Graduate
AD 3, 4 - DJ Skilton, Texas A&M University
DH - Jesse Worsham, Texas A&M University
Lead - Parker Tennet, Abilene Christian University

Senior II-Boys
AD - Nate Miller, University of the Ozarks
DH - Jermery Victor, University of the Ozarks


AD 1 - Emily Schwabenland, University of Texas
DH - Emily Pluhowski, Baylor

AD - Courtney Creed, Stephen F Austin
DH - Haleigh Williams, Millsaps College

Senior I-Girls
AD - Blanche Schwabenland, University of Texas
DH - Jesse Buck, Stephen F Austin

Senior II-Girls
AD - Jordan White, Texas A&M University
DH - Madi Sandifer, Abilene Christian University

04/24/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

The Camp Olympia staff have been working hard all year long overseeing improvements to the camp.  Here is a sneak peak:
  • The boy's I-cluster received new paint, new siding, new doors and new windows. 
  • Our Cypress Point Trail has a new entrance and we added some new trails for you to give a try.
  • The Camp O Country Store received some expansion improvements and is fully stocked.

02/20/2013 08:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
Camp Olympia Awarded the Prestigious Markel Safety 1st Award for 2012 - Sixth Year in a Row

Camp Olympia Markel Safety 1st Award 2012

The Camp Olympia leadership staff just received notification that the prestigious Markel Safety 1st Award for 2012 has been given to the camp for the sixth year in a row!

Markel Specialty develops and underwrites specialty insurance products and programs for a variety of niche markets, including kids summer camps.
08/14/2012 10:58 AM Posted by: Camp O

School, summer activities, extracurricular activities, chores . . . before you know it, where has the time gone? So, when was the last time you laughed so hard together that you had to catch your breath, or learned something new about each other? The Camp Olympia Mother Daughter Weekend is the perfect opportunity to stop the clock and just enjoy having a great time.


Camp Olympia Mother Daughter WeekendAt the Camp Olympia Mother Daughter Weekend, Friday - September 28 through Sunday - September 30, moms and their daughters can enjoy water activities like stand-up paddleboarding canoeing, or playing at the pool, plus other activities including horseback riding, archery, giant swing, and so much more.


The weekend is also super affordable too, for only $200 a mother/daughter team ($75 per extra daughter) includes lodging, all meals and activities. But, you need to sign up quickly because this special weekend always books up quickly. Click here to register.

07/23/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

A ton of O-mazing new items have been added to the Camp Olympia Online Country Store. As many returning campers know, these items go fast. So, hurry up click here to visit the online store now and order your favorite Camp O gear. No lines, no waiting. Shop now!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the new items but be sure to take a look at the entire store to see all of the cool new items!

Camp Olympia Cooling Towels

Extreme Cooling Towel

This may be the greatest thing invented to keep you cool this summer! Simply wet the towel and use it to keep cool - it's O-MAZING! Available in blue and pink, and the Camp Olympia logo is embossed onto the material.

Camp Olympia Pillowcases

Super Soft Pillowcases

These pillowcases are super soft! Camp Olympia is embroidered on each, and they come in 3 colors: brown, black and royal.
Camp Olympia Shorts

Lime Green Athletic Shorts

These cute Lime green athletic shorts have a daisy design on the sides and come with the Camp Olympia logo embroidered on it.

Camp Olympia Hats

Mute Flat – Bill Hat

This O-mazing new hat comes in 5 different color choices! It's short, flat bill is sweet!
Camp Olympia Gameface

Game Face Tattoo

Show your Spartan/Athenian pride with these full face tattoos. These tattoos come in a striped design and tiger design in both red and blue.

Camp Olympia TShirts

Neon Vintage Tee

Neon is HOT for summer! These neon shirts are going fast and are perfect for the Neon Nights Dance! The shirt comes in pink, orange, yellow and green in youth and adult sizes!

New items are always coming in - be sure to check back often so that you can get the latest gear before it sells out!

06/11/2012 12:00 PM Posted by: Camp O

Attention Camp Olympia Campers! All of your favorite counselors spent a week at Camp Olympia for Counselor Training School preparing for camp and making sure that this will be the best summer ever! After a week of hard work, they are more than ready to see the best campers in the world! Curious to see who will be at Camp Olympia this summer to “Dream Big” with you? Check out the list below and get excited about these O-mazing counselors!

Abilene Christian University
Hunter Clinton
Daniel Graves
Tucker Mueck
Jordan Navarro
Madi Sandifer
Mary Shive
Parker Tennet

Austin Community College
Parker McCollum

Emily Pluhowski
Daniel Quan
Megan Musemeche

Bethel College
Melissa Gunderson

Blinn College
Kevin Baxter
Josh Rawls
Bobby Shunk

Chapman University
Houston Bradley

College of Charleston
Cole Lamaster

Collin College
Rocky Brashears

Colorado State University
Morgan Ensor

Florida State University
Luvy Wilson

Lamar University
Eli Pedraza
Dean Bostwick
Spencer Stratton
Jacob Williamson
Lee College
Lauren Hill

Louisiana State University
Emily Chong
Casey Copus
Cameron Ellerbeck
Alex Littlepage
Abby Thevenot

Louisiana Tech University
Carly Hogg – Graduate

Mesa Community College
Brendan Ryan

Millsaps College
J.B. Page
Haleigh Williams

North Carolina State University
Colleen Peel-Graduate

North Idaho College
Barak Cupp

Notre Dame
Allyson Grillot

Oral Roberts University
Leandra Pecina
Roman Seigel
Brandon Sweeney
Zach VanKeulen
Oklahoma State University
Lauren Brown
Morgan Flick
Colten Hall
Tiffany Ingle
Jourdan Johnson
Ellie Jones
Rachel Jones – Graduate
Brett Lee
Jessica Mitchell
John Nickel - Graduate
Al Piazza
Haley Shearer
Zach Tays
Brandon Westbrook

Ole Miss
Madison Harvey
Payton Harvey
Jonathan Jones

Penn State University

Troy Hepper
Ian Margot

Regis University
Mark Stern

San Jacinto College
Jeremy Miller

Stephen F. Austin State University
Courtney Creed
Kaytlin Smith
Page Soder
Chris Thompson
Ashley Wisnoski

Sam Houston State University
Colton Hay
Hunter Harrison
Katy O’Dell
Katy Wilson

Southern Methodist University
Henry Coates

St. Edward’s University
Sam Littlepage

Liz Mark
Taylor Midkiff – Graduate
Erin Riley

Texas A&M University
Cavalier Coffield
Jordan Dunn
Andrew Ginty
Lauren Lognion - Graduate
Carlye Longtin
Meg Maedgen
Connor Pearl
DJ Skilton
Hannah Swain
Wilson Vier
Jordan White
Parker White

Texas State University
Taylor Brown
Stephen Hurdle
Becca Roberts
Kayla Worley
Katie Warburton

Texas Tech University
Billy Emory
Lauren Tritter
Emily Waychoff
University of Arkansas
Austin Mushinski
Tiffany Chism

University of Central Oklahoma
Elizabeth Dittmeyer
Colleen Johnson

University of Houston – Clear Lake

Jeremy Miller

University of New Hampshire

Caleb Brown

University of Oklahoma

Tegan Burkhard
Mariah Najmuddin

University of the Ozarks

Dylan Ballard
Alex Chandler
Eston Klutts
De’Andre Knight
Casey Mays
Nathan Miller
Jermery Victor

University of North Texas

Grayson Fair

University of Texas

Michael Adamski
Chris Candelari
Meredith Duncan
Stacy Fish
Emma Heitmann
Monica Karlins
Ray Myer
Anabelle Reade
Blanche Schwabenland
Emily Schwabenland
Ryan Upchurch
Kelly Warburton

University of Tulsa

Darin Huggins

University of Utah

Allison Parrish

University of Virginia

Katie Jones

Vanderbilt University

Lora Andrews
Carlotta Garza
Molly Mocek

Jr. Counselors

Attending college in the fall
Hilton Hardie
Elizabeth Kerr
Lauren Klein
Adrianna Pantazis
Meghan Quick
Tony Seaback
Cooper Smith
Taylor Vickers
Carson White
Jordan White
Jordan Wilson
View All Posts

Upcoming Camp Events

In addition to summer sessions, Camp Olympia hosts many retreats, parties and special events.

August 24-26, 2018

Calling all camper and
counselor alumni!  Relive
all of your summer camp
fun at our reunion!

September 21-23, 2018

Join us for a special weekend
at camp for all of the moms
and daughters in your family! 

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