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11/12/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O
The Camp Olympia Boys' Camp Director, Cody Mauldin, hand-delivered a check for $4,011 to Briarwood Elementary Principal and Camp Olympia counselor alumnus, Shelley Jacques-McMillin.

Camp Olympia Campers earn merits for their good deeds, and they can choose to give a portion of those earned merits to the Camp Olympia Philanthropy Club. Each year, the Camp O Philanthropy Club makes a donation to a worthwhile charity for children. Kids helping kids... it is O-mazing! See the video:

08/09/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Name: Andrew Ginty

School: Texas A&M

Major: History with Business Minor

Hometown: Houston, TX

Years at camp: 13

Position at camp: Junior Boys Division Head

Favorite camp tradition: Spartan & Athenian Competition

Favorite Camp Activities: Lacrosse

Favorite Camp Food: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans

Favorite Hobbies: Frisbee, Lacrosse, Listening to Music and Catching Football

Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Costume Day: Major League Monday

Fun Fact: I lived in Hong Kong for two years when I was younger.

07/18/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Camp Olympia Counselor Spotlight Emily PluhowskiName: Emily Pluhowski

School: Bayloir University

Major: English, with a double minor in Spanish and Journalism

Hometown: Kingwood, TX

Years at camp: 13

Position at camp: Junior Girl Division Head

Favorite camp tradition: Carnival… it’s really fun to see everyone dressed up and I love being able to hang out with everyone at once.

Favorite Camp Activities: Kayaking, Archery, Wakeboard are all my favorites

Favorite Camp Food: Crispitos

Favorite Hobbies: Being involved in Pi Phi, Photography, Reading, Writing, Running, and Baking 

Favorite Movies: O Brother Where Art Thou?, Pride & Prejudice, Love Actually

Favorite Costume Day: Twinsday Wednesday

Fun Fact: I have one blue eye and one green eye 

06/18/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

Camp Olympia Counselor Spotlight Parker TennetName: Parker Tennet

School: ACU (Abilene Christian University)

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Houston, TX

Years at camp: 12

Position at camp: Senior 1 Lead Counselor (Athenian Chief)

Favorite camp tradition: Spartan Athenian Rope Burn

Favorite Camp Activity: Wakeboarding

Favorite Camp Food: Crispitos

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Lacrosse, Video Games, Snow Boarding, Fishing & Hunting

Favorite Movle: The Hobbit

Favorite Costume Day: Twinsday Wednesday

Fun Fact: Parker can whistle three different way

04/24/2013 12:00 AM Posted by: Camp O

The Camp Olympia 2013 Leadership Team met to discuss plans for the 2013 summer session.  Several played softball, while the rest cheered them on.

Here is the lineup:


Point and Waterski
Jordan Dunn, Texas A&M University

Kyle Byrne, Texas A&M University - Graduate

Zach Tays, Oklahoma State University - Graduate

David Quan, University of North Texas - Graduate

Liz Mark, TCU
Page Soder, Stephen F Austin


AD - Eston Klutts, University of the Ozarks
DH - Andrew Ginty, Texas A&M University

AD - Grayson Fair, University of North Texas
DH - Kevin Baxter, Texas A&M University
Lead - Wilson Vier, Texas A&M University

Senior I-Boys
AD1 - John Nickel, Oklahoma State University - Graduate
AD 3, 4 - DJ Skilton, Texas A&M University
DH - Jesse Worsham, Texas A&M University
Lead - Parker Tennet, Abilene Christian University

Senior II-Boys
AD - Nate Miller, University of the Ozarks
DH - Jermery Victor, University of the Ozarks


AD 1 - Emily Schwabenland, University of Texas
DH - Emily Pluhowski, Baylor

AD - Courtney Creed, Stephen F Austin
DH - Haleigh Williams, Millsaps College

Senior I-Girls
AD - Blanche Schwabenland, University of Texas
DH - Jesse Buck, Stephen F Austin

Senior II-Girls
AD - Jordan White, Texas A&M University
DH - Madi Sandifer, Abilene Christian University

05/18/2012 12:00 PM Posted by: Merit

Maria G.Camp Olympia welcomes Maria Grados to its full-time staff as the Waterfront Director. In her new role, Maria will oversee the extensive Waterfront program, which includes all of the lake-related activities including: wakeboarding, water skiing, paddleboarding, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. She is also leading the volunteer Camp O’Crew program and assisting with camp counselor recruitment.

Maria has been with Camp Olympia for the past three summers and has served as a Senior I Girls Counselor and Senior I Girls Lead. Maria is a recent graduate from Oral Roberts University where she earned a degree in Recreational Administration. While at Oral Roberts, Maria was a member of the Women’s Soccer Team, served as an Athletic Chairman and led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Maria is so excited about this upcoming summer and says she “cannot wait to work with an O-mazing staff and for the opportunity to make kids smile and laugh.” She has been working very hard to ensure that the Camp Olympia Waterfront program is better than ever!

Feel free to email Maria and give her a big Camp O welcome!

05/09/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Tommy Ferguson

Camp Olympia Summer Camp“What makes us special is the signature of God on our lives.” Max Lucado

Another year is underway and as I start my 41st summer with Camp Olympia it is a blessing to know that Camp Olympia has been a part of so many young lives. Over 40,000 young men and women have passed through our gates since our first year in 1968. Through the years, I have seen many changes in our young people, fads, haircuts, and of course, the internet has changed our world. There is one thing that has never changed though and that is a child’s heart.

Warren Bennis, a pioneer in Business and Leadership Studies, said, “No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders. So the point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely – all of your skills, gifts, and energies – in order to make your vision manifest.”

That is what I absolutely love about Camp Olympia is that we see youth find out who they are. They begin to see the unique design that God has placed in them. They live in a community in which they form values of what is right and wrong. They learn to see the beauty in each of their cabin mates. They get to wakeup every morning surrounded by natural beauty and see the sun rise as well as see the awesome sunsets as the day ends. Campers find talents they did not know they had. They learn they can give grace, love, respect, and encouragement to others. They learn that even in discipline that there is unconditional love.

Our theme this summer is “Dream Big.” You’re invited to “Dream Big” with us and start the ground work of what God’s signature will be on your life. God Bless! Keep Him Close By!

04/27/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Camp Olympia Leadership TeamBelieve or not, Camp Olympia summer camp sessions are right around the corner and as many of you are preparing for your final days of school, the leadership team at Camp Olympia is preparing for the summer of your life!

The Camp Olympia Leadership Team consists of returning counselors who have been selected by full-time Camp Olympia staff members to lead and direct various areas of the camp. Being a member of the leadership team is a huge honor for returning counselors and a position they strive to obtain.

With the Camp Olympia Summer 2012 Theme being “Dream Big”, the stage is set for the best summer yet! Dream Big means O-mazing activities, unbelievable programs, and non-stop fun! The Camp Olympia Leadership Team, or should I say Dream Team, is busy working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every detail is in place to make the excitement happen.

Without further ado – get excited for the Dream Team 2012!

 Boys’ Camp Girls’ Camp
 J-Boys Assistant Director (AD): Nate Miller J-Girls AD: Sam Littlepage
 J-Boys Division Head (DH): Billy Emory J-Girls DH: Kayla Worley
I-Boys AD: Ray Myer
I-Girls AD: Courtney Creed
I-Boys DH: Barak Cupp /Grayson Fair
I Girls DH/Lead: Liz Mark/Blanche Schwabenland
Sr. I Boys AD: John Nickel 
Sr. I Girls AD: Colleen Peel
Sr. I Boys DH: Dean Bostwick
Sr. I Girls DH: Katie Warburton
Sr. II Boys AD: Zach Tays
Sr. II Girls AD: Jordan White
Sr. II Boys DH: Eston Klutts/Zach Vankeulen
Sr. II Girls DH Katie Jones
Total Ministries AD: Taylor Midkiff 
O’Crew AD: Carli Hogg
Golf AD: DJ Skilton
Pool Queen: Katy O’Dell
Point AD: Bobby Shunk
Program Team:
Waterski Director: Jordan Dunn
Page Soder
Videographer: David Quan
Al Piazza
Photographer: Ashley Wisnoski
Casey Copus
  Cole Lamaster

The Camp Olympia Dream Team can’t wait to see you this summer!

04/23/2012 10:00 AM Posted by: Merit

Will J.Camp Olympia is excited to welcome its newest full-time staff member, Will Jamison, who will be serving as the Program Director. In his new role, Will is responsible for planning super fun programs, assisting with camper recruitment, and designing the newsletter, as well as many other things. He also helps Merit type emails to current and future camper families!

Will is a graduate of John Brown University, where he played tennis and club baseball. His love of the camping industry came about during his internship with Sky Ranch Camps where he gained experience as a member of the Program Team.

When asked what he is most exited about, Will said, “to work in a positive environment and be able to impact kids on a daily basis.” Will has been working very hard to plan O-mazing programs for the summer and has guaranteed that there will be plenty of surprises in store!

Feel free to contact Will at and welcome him to the Camp Olympia Family!

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In addition to summer sessions, Camp Olympia hosts many retreats, parties and special events.

Camp Olympia Reunion Party
Nov 17, 2018

Campers, join some of your
favorite staff for the biggest
camp party of the Fall!  Relive
your best summer memories
at Dave & Buster's - Houston.


Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2018

Calling all Fathers and Sons!  
Mark your calendar now for a
BIG weekend of fun in the
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