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05/11/2014 08:00 AM Posted by: Camp O


Independent Researcher of Education Degree Programs Publishes the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S.

TRINITY, Texas – Camp Olympia, a premier Texas summer camp for boys, girls and teens ages 6 to 16 located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas, was recently published on the Top Education Degrees blog as the number 1 and only Texas Summer Camp and 17th of the 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S. Read more here.

"It is such an honor for Camp Olympia to be listed among the most amazing summer camps in the United States. The article did a great job highlighting what makes Camp Olympia special: our fabulous founders Corby Robertson, Jr. and Chris Gilbert, both noted as All-American football stars; our open lakeside location on beautiful Lake Livingston; our water sports, horseback riding, arts program, and Junior Golf Academy”, said Tommy Ferguson, co-director of Camp Olympia.

Camp Olympia offers four camp sessions a year. For 2014, the following camp terms are offered:

  • Term 1 (two weeks) – June 8 to June 21, 2014
  • Term 2 (three weeks) – June 22 to July 12, 2014
  • Term 3 (three weeks) – July 13 to August 2, 2014
  • Term 4 (two weeks) – August 3 to August 16, 2014

Camp Olympia has added many new and exciting features, such as a 2-person zip line and mini golf course, for the 2014 summer to celebrate is theme of "Destination FUN!” Also for the first time, the camp’s Term 2: June 22 to July 12, 2014 will be celebrating the Fourth of July with an all new Color the Fourth festivities including games, parade and fireworks.

Due to a high return rate of campers, Camp Olympia’s summer sessions book quickly. Interested campers and parents can schedule a camp tour by visiting the Camp Olympia website at to talk to a Camp Olympia staff member call toll-free at +1 (800) 735-6190. Online registration is also available by visiting the website at

About Camp Olympia

Established in 1968, Camp Olympia is an overnight Texas summer camp for boys and girls located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas; conveniently located just 100 miles north of Houston and close for families living in Sugar Land, Kingwood, Beaumont, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas or those flying into Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. Camp Olympia campers choose from over 40 camp activities, ranging from waterskiing to golf to horseback riding, so they participate in activities that interest them. Accredited by the American Camping Association, Camp Olympia focuses on building character and values by teaching responsibility and cooperation. The veteran full-time camp leaders, with over 30 years of experience, and a dynamic group of college counselors serve as positive role models for campers. Camp Olympia is dedicated to having fun together, helping people grow in body, mind and spirit.

Press Inquiries Contact:
Tommy Ferguson

05/08/2014 01:47 PM Posted by: Camp O

Only 18 days until Term 1 Starts on June 8.

That's right, school is almost out and summer is almost here.

Get ready for camp, check out the cool new stuff we have in the Country Store: Spartan and Athenian Shirts, Tanks, Pillowcases, Belts, Caps, and so much more.

You can also pre-order care packages for your camper to be delivered during their term.

Visit the Camp O Country Store


05/07/2014 03:23 PM Posted by: Guest Blogger - Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Warming Your Child's Cold Feet

Camps provide comprehensive checklists for all the gear our children need to pack, but it’s also helpful to compile a checklist for preparing them emotionally if they are experiencing some cold feet, dread, or worry.

An Emotion-Prep Checklist for Sleepaway Camp:

1. Name it to Tame it. It’s really unhelpful for parents to dismiss or minimize or ignore a child’s feelings and say, “You’ll be fine. You’ll love it! Don’t worry.” (Has someone telling you “Don’t worry” made you say “Oh, OK. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m not worried anymore.” Not helpful, right?) Instead, if you sense your child is feeling a bit unsure or fearful and she’s not bringing it up, you can begin the conversation by saying something like, “Some kids feel nervous about camp as it gets closer. How are you feeling about it?” And whether or not your child is initiating the discussion herself, it’s important to really listen and validate those feelings instead of trying to talk her out of them or dismiss them. There’s actually a lot of science that shows that naming our feelings calms the reactivity in the brain, so when we “name it” we can “tame it.”

2. Investigate and Problem-Solve. Find out what your child’s specific worries are, and then collaboratively problem-solve with her. Most kids worry about being homesick, but it might surprise you what they are actually concerned about. Kids worry that they won’t like the food, that they won’t be good at the activities, that they will wet the bed, and even that their shoes will get wet. Whatever the worries, it can be helpful to brainstorm together and talk about the “what ifs,” and what she can do in the circumstances she’s thinking about.

3. Normalize the Feelings. Just knowing that many other kids feel unsure or scared, too, and that it’s normal to feel worried about doing something that’s different, can help. Tell your own story about a time you stepped outside your comfort zone and how you felt apprehension at first, how you handled your feelings, and how the experience ended up being great. (Make sure to pick a resilient story—no stories about how it ended up being even worse than you could’ve imagined.)

4. Give Your Child a Strategy or two to help her calm her worries. One thing you can begin now that will give her a tool she can use while she’s at camp is something I use with anxious kids in my private practice. I give them an assignment that each night, once they are peaceful and relaxed and ready to fall asleep, they should place their hand on their chest (pledge-of-allegiance style). After doing this every night for a few weeks, the brain makes a connection between the sensation of the hand on the chest and a feeling of calm relaxation. Then, when the child is feeling worried or upset, she can easily place her hand on his chest wherever she is, and her body will begin to relax and her mind will begin to feel calm.

Another strategy is to teach her that while her feelings might feel really wild and stirred up, if she pauses to take a few deep breaths, the worries will settle, allowing her to see clearly again. The best thing I’ve found to teach this is the “glitter ball” analogy that Susan Kaiser-Greenland created. You can teach this to your kids by having them watch this super-short video with you. Then send a glitter ball, or a small snow globe, to camp with your child, explaining that she can shake it up and watch the glitter settle when she’s feeling upset. Or, you can just have her imagine the glitter falling and you don’t have to send the actual ball.

If you do these two things in the weeks before your child leaves for camp, you can build some skills and empower her with some tools she can pull out when she needs them. This allows her to avoid becoming a victim to her feelings, and to be able to use her mind to change how she feels. In fact, you might try some of these tools too, if you are feeling worried about sending your child off!

This moment is a great opportunity to teach kids that while we should pay attention to our feelings, our feelings shouldn’t rule our worlds. If you name, investigate, normalize, and strategize, you will be preparing your children to go to camp with the best chance of overcoming their fears and learning something really important about themselves—that they are braver and stronger than they think. You’ll be helping them flex their emotional muscles to be strong and resilient in the face of challenges. You’ll be doing much more than just prepping them for camp, you’ll be prepping them for life.



The Whole Child

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson is the co-author of the international best-selling, THE WHOLE-BRAIN CHILD (Random House Delacorte, 2011) and the upcoming book NO DRAMA DISCIPLINE. She is a renowned speaker, has appeared in numerous media programs and columns and is a consultant to schools, camps and child development professionals. You can learn more about Dr. Bryson at, where you can subscribe to her blog and read her articles about kids, camping, and parenting.

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